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Cuddy goes to the abandoned house (alone, like an idiot. But looking stylish, especially since her hat blocks the bangs from view) and looks around with a rather tiny flashlight. You're not looking for a contact lens, you're looking for a dead baby, Cuddy! Upgrade to something bigger, better, and more powerful! She finds a crack den, completely with an assortment of spoons and needles on the coffee table. Oh, and here's the crack addict they belong too! He's not happy to see her, but she persists, saying she's a doctor and she's looking for a dead baby. The guy's girlfriend/wife walks in the room ... holding a baby. Cuddy knows that there's no way she gave birth to it. Apparently, Cuddy can tell by looking at a woman whether or not she gave birth three weeks ago. Unless, of course, that woman is Natalie. Whoops! The woman claims the baby is her sister's. Cuddy says the baby needs medical attention and someone who can take care of her properly. The woman saved her life. "Now you have to let her go," Cuddy says. I wasn't expecting this at all. I thought that baby was so dead. I'm still not sure how it's alive. Maybe someone else gave birth and left their baby behind the day after Natalie did?

Cuddy returns to PPTH with a live baby. She gives her to Natalie to hold. Despite being premature, the baby is huge. Those crack heads fed her well. "People found her and took care of her," Cuddy says, not adding the obvious "unlike you." "She's beautiful," Natalie says. Simon stops by with some more homework and sees Natalie with the baby. Kumar nods that it's his. Now everyone's going to know Simon had sex with Natalie and he's going to be really unpopular at school after all.

While the rest of PPTH parties in the lobby (what an amazing Christmas party that must have been. Bad economy, co-workers recently taken hostage by a gun-wielding madman ... ) Kumar walks past them all looking angry. Cameron stops him and asks if they were able to get Natalie her transplants. Of course not -- the committee turned down the request and the appeal. Natalie has a few days to live. Her baby will be raised by a single teenage dad. Kumar takes off.

He finds an apartment. The guy who answers the door doesn't recognize him, but Kumar tells him his name and then apologizes for all the horrible things he did and said to him back in high school. Kumar's only, what, ten or twelve years out of high school and he looks so different that the guy he tormented didn't recognize him? Oh well, it's all good now. That guy's going to get a coupon for House's online second opinion clinic.

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