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House finds Cuddy with Natalie's baby. She tells him that Natalie and Simon's parents decided to put her up for adoption. Your daughter dies, and you put her daughter up for adoption because it's "too painful?" Really, parents? That's a terrible decision. That baby is your consolation prize for losing your daughter! Come on! But it's all good for Cuddy, because now she's going score herself a kid. I have a feeling that she convinced the parents to give the baby up for adoption just like she convinced the crack heads to give it up. She somehow sensed all along that Natalie gave birth to a secret child and that's why she was so attached to her all episode. It was all her elaborate plan to finally become a mother. The bangs were somehow involved too, but I haven't figured out how. "Merry Christmas, Cuddy," House says. He leaves the room slowly and sadly. Cuddy doesn't even notice him. She only has room in her heart for one needy child. She picked the wrong one, in my opinion.

It's not over yet! Hadley finds Foreman and says she heard Janice is back on the trial. He says it's his Christmas gift to Hadley. Not to the random blonde lady. She's going to regret bringing him on as her partner. Hope you like skewed results, RBL! Hadley says she was wrong about Foreman being House. Then they make out. I saw this coming from a mile away, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Kumar and Taub have better chemistry than Foreman and Hadley do, but their names don't combine into a clever portmanteau like Foreteen.

That's it for 2008! See you next year!

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