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Moral Morales

House limps out of the room and informs the parents that Mary has TTP, and that it's treatable. She'll need "minor surgery to remove the underlying cause," and then the treatment for TTP, and she'll be fine. Of course, the parents ask about the surgery, and House will only says that it's an "abnormal growth" in her abdomen that will require a "simple surgery" the hospital does "all the time." And he's sorry, but he can't be any more specific than that. That kind of sounded like a less-than-subtle dig at parental consent laws and abortions in general. I hope not.

Mary has her abortion. A nurse soothingly rubs her shoulder and says nice things to her during the process. I can't tell because she's wearing a surgical mask, but I'm betting it's not Nurse Brenda.

Foreman and Chase tell Mary that she's responding well to treatment. Her neck feels better and her platelet count is up. Mary asks them to send her parents in.

House watches from outside while Mary sobs and tells her parents that she got pregnant and then God smote the hell out of her for it. Fortunately, because they aren't very good actors, they don't seem all that upset about it. Chase tells House that the plasmapharesis is working, and Mary will be fine. "I know," House says, looking very serious. I wonder if he's thinking about that nice Jewish girl he impregnated in his rowdy high school days. Last he heard, his secret daughter had four brothers and was attending med school...wait a minute.

The epidemic is over, and the clean-up process begins. House's interview process continues. The newest candidate is just as bright and eager as the other two, until House informs her that the position has been filled. Candidate #3 -- who I recognize as Mimi, one of the few black characters on All My Children -- says that she confirmed the interview just this morning. House says there's no point in arguing with him: she isn't getting the job. He leaves his office, and Wilson asks Mimi if she needs her parking validated. She says no, anticipating that the huge-ass settlement she gets when she sues the hospital for racial discrimination will cover the parking fee nicely.

Cameron's reading session is interrupted by an insistent knocking on the door. It's House, and he doesn't want to interview anyone else for Cameron's position. Cameron says she figured House's interview process consisted solely of checking out candidates' headshots. "Ha. That's good," House humors her. He claims that he needs Cameron around to "keep [him] in [his] place," which is actually what Cuddy and to a lesser extent Wilson are for, so whatever. Cameron says no, adding that she already accepted a position somewhere else. House tells her to "unaccept" it, because he wants her to come back. "Not good enough," Cameron says. House offers her more money and a parking space, but Cameron just wants one thing: dinner. A dinner date. "It's a deal," House says, as Cameron smirks as if she had done something cool to be proud of, when it's really just pathetic and sad. He extends a hand, and they shake on it. "See you tomorrow morning," Cameron says. She closes the door, and House makes an "oh, why did I do that?" expression as he walks away. Booo!

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