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Moral Morales

House and the team check out the pictures of Mary's digestive tract. House munches on some candy and comments that he heard this movie has a "dark" ending, and everyone looks really glad he brought up that part of the process. House offers Foreman some candy. He declines, and House holds the bag out to Chase, only to pull it away as soon as Chase reaches for it to ask Chase why he did the endoscopy when he was supposed to be writing "I will not rat on House" on the whiteboard three hundred times. Chase says that Foreman asked him for help. House says that Foreman isn't Chase's boss. Then he sees something on the film, and their conversation must end.

Foreman doesn't see the "ginormous thing" on the right side of Mary's intestine that House is pointing at. It's really just a simple, small, swollen blood vessel which, while it explains the gastrointestinal bleeding, doesn't account for any of her other symptoms. House says that's true, but that it does tell them something. He's just not sure what that is yet.

Cuddy marches in and orders House and Co. into the lobby for epidemic duty. "I hurt my leg," House whines, which is not even the least little bit effective. Cuddy says that she gave them over two hours more than their previously promised time, and House blames Chase for not telling them when their hour was up. Chase rolls his eyes. Cuddy tells House that Mary and her intestinal bleeding can wait, because two more buses full of meningitis people just drove up, and Cuddy needs everyone to treat them. Jesus Christ, how many people went to this swim meet? I know it was the National Championships, but damn! I guess the only reason why Mary's parents weren't there to watch her was because they couldn't get a ticket. House says that if Cuddy hadn't cut back the nursing staff, she wouldn't need her doctors to do the nurses' jobs. Cuddy retorts that if House hadn't cost the hospital $100 million, she wouldn't have had to lay off those nurses, now, would she? Foreman and Chase are just like, "...awkward." I just hope those laid-off nurses took a few plasma TVs out with them.

House, the Cottages, and now Wilson are all lined up next to each other, making it easy for them to do a differential diagnosis when they aren't pretending to check out their current patients. Wilson immediately rules out stomach cancer as a possible cause for Mary's problems, thereby eliminating himself from having anything to do with the rest of the episode. House's patient doesn't have any symptoms of meningitis, but since her hair doesn't smell like chlorine, he sends her to the psych ward, figuring that anyone who just walks into a quarantined area off the street like that must be insane. Not so insane, apparently, that she needs an escort to the psychiatric ward, as House simply sends her on her way and trusts that she'll get there. Meanwhile, aside from looking a little flaky, the girl looks fairly fashionably-attired, well-groomed and, basically, not all that insane. And would her hair smell like chlorine if she were just sitting in the audience? It'd be really funny if they cut back to her later, all pissed off now that she accidentally committed herself and every staff member she tries to explain things to just does the crazy-person-pacifying nod they learned to do in orientation.

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