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Moral Morales

Chase says that bone cancer could fit all of Mary's symptoms. Wilson silently curses himself for being the Worst Oncologist Ever, and then says aloud that they'll need to test her bone marrow to be sure. House tells Foreman that he can combine his and Chase's break time to have the time needed for a bone marrow aspiration, and sends him off. Chase is going to be really sorry for ratting on House when those earlier cups of coffee finish working their way through his system. Oh, sweet revenge!

You'll notice that House didn't volunteer any of his own break time. That's because he needs it to get lectured at by Wilson for torturing Chase instead of just out-and-out firing him. As they carefully avoid a puddle of freshly-spewed vomit, House says that he doesn't want to fire someone for trying to save his own job. Wilson says that Chase deserves to be fired for screwing House over, but then House spots Cuddy on the horizon and they focus their efforts on escaping her wrath. Despite their evasive maneuvers, it is not to be, and she lectures them both for taking a coffee break while the rest of the staff busts its ass for the epidemic. House responds by holding up a chart to shield his eyes from Cuddy's distracting display of cleavage. He accomplishes the unusual feat of throwing her off a bit, and she defensively says "it got hot," so she had to remove her blazer (not like that does a much better job of covering anything up), and that House should stop acting like a thirteen-year-old. House does little to prove himself more mature than that by referring to Cuddy's breasts as "fun bags," while Wilson just stands there and hilariously sneaks peeks at the Bags of Fun himself. Cuddy tells House that his three o'clock interview for Cameron's position is in his office. Wilson looks at cleavage. House protests that the hospital's current state of epidemic emergency makes him way too busy to do piddly interviews, and he's right about that. I don't see how the epidemic is so pressing that a girl has to sit out her internal bleeding on a couch, but not so much that House can do some interviews. I hope he sends all the interviewees up to the psych ward for willingly walking into a quarantined area. Wilson volunteers to pinch a, "do the interviews for House," but Cuddy wants House to do them himself and hire the first decent applicant he gets so that they'll have another person on staff for epidemic duty, whose needs for medical personnel is so great that two doctors are excused from it to do job interviews.

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