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Knight Fail

Hadley checks in on Sir William, who looks much better now that his eyeballs are white again. He says he's ashamed of himself. Hadley asks why he was willing to "compromise" his knight's code to take steroids to win a fight, but not to go for Shannon. No one asks about Sir William's random love of the occult, which was apparently not relevant at all so I'm not sure why they bothered to mention it. Sir William says the fights are games, and thus it's okay to cheat. Shannon is real life. "You don't need to win anyone's heart. You just need to ask for it," Hadley says. Sir William insists that Shannon is better off with King Miles because he's rich and popular, like, what is a rich person doing at the Ren Faire? Did he inherit his wealth? Surely he didn't work for it. "She deserves the best. Guess I'd rather she be happy even if it means I'm not," Sir William says, thinking he's being all honorable and selfless. Hadley just thinks he's an idiot.

Later that night, House thinks about opening the envelope full of Sam's psychiatrist notes. But he throws it in the trash and takes some ibuprofen instead.

And oh my god - in the credits, they give special thanks to "the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire." It's near Los Angeles and it's open right now! I'm totally going. The FAQ say it's wheelchair accessible and has vegetarian and gluten-free food, and this past Sunday was their 3rd annual "Gay Day," because that's the way things were in medieval times. Even more awesome, one of the questions that faire-goers frequently ask is "may I bring my weapon?" FUN.

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