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Knight Fail

After the break, Foreman says the fact that the epinephrine they gave Sir William didn't help him rules out House's allergy diagnosis. Well, if that's all they had to go by, then why did they do a scratch test at all? House is determined to be right, and says Sir William could be allergic to something at the Ren Faire as well as the preservative in epinephrine, which is very convenient. Hadley decides to bum everyone out by saying that MRSA is a better fit. MRSA sucks because it spreads easily and is really hard to treat. Hadley continues to be a downer by pointing out that Foreman wasn't wearing gloves when he touched Sir William, because Foreman is an idiot who still hasn't learned proper infection control procedures despite nearly dying from something he caught from a patient four seasons ago. House makes sure to keep a nice distance from Foreman as he orders the Cottages to stick Sir William in isolation, treat him with antibiotics, and test for MRSA.

House walks into Cuddy's office, where she has already found out about the suspected MRSA case. She thinks that's why he's there because she apparently forgot that House doesn't give a shit about his patients or PPTH. No, he's there to talk about something "more important." Cuddy guesses it must be something "personal and stupid." She's right! House is upset about Wilson's new girlfriend. Cuddy already knows about it, which bothers House since it means that Wilson truly was able to keep it a secret from him. Cuddy smirks that Wilson keeps a lot of secrets from House. "Like how you slept with your father's best friend?" House says. Uh, when did that come up? Why in god's name would Cuddy tell Wilson that? Why would she tell ANYONE that? And OF COURSE Wilson told House! I totally would, too. "Hey, good friend, check this out: our boss, who clearly has no concept of boundaries, decided to let me know that she slept with her dad's best friend!" You can't keep that kind of thing to yourself, nor should you be expected to. Cuddy is not pleased with Wilson, but refuses to break up his relationship with Sam as House orders. He says Sam will rip Wilson's heart out just like she did after their first marriage ended. "Do you remember what he was like after that?" he asks. "Yes, I do," Cuddy sighs. House says she's the perfect person for this job since Wilson won't listen to him and she has "decades of experience dating and being attracted to losers." Cuddy gives him a minute to think about what he just said. "Obviously, I don't include myself," House adds. Cuddy warns House that bad things happen when you interfere with people's relationships. "Of course. I do it all the time ... hmm. I see your point," House says. Oh, come on now. I don't think Sam will die in a bus crash or Wilson will feel compelled to murder an African dictator. Lightning doesn't strike twice. What more could go wrong? "You force him to choose, you might not like the answer," Cuddy says. You mean like when House tried to force Wilson to choose back when he was dating CTB two seasons ago? Why are we seeing this storyline again, anyway?

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