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Murphy Frown

Jack is back in his room still basking in the glow of his awesomeness. Eva does, too, saying she's really proud of him now that she's apparently gotten over her anger at him for upsetting their daughter. Jack says he's starting to think about changing his life, saying he spent so much time away from his family with his band because he was afraid of screwing things up with them. But now he thinks he might be a better man than he thought he was. So he's going to quit his band. And ... do what? Is he employable after 16 years with no job? Either way, Eva is thrilled with this and thinks Daisy will be, too.

With that, Chase and Martha M. Masters arrive to take the fluid samples. For some reason, we're still letting Martha touch the patient. She injects Jack's back with something to numb him, but this time, instead of almost killing him like usual, he says his ear pain is suddenly gone. He wonders what that's about. Chase and Martha obviously have no clue, and Taub is off doing some post-coital sulking and cannot be reached for comment.

And now, the moment I think we've all been waiting for: House has dinner with Cuddy's mom. And also Wilson and Cuddy and the child, who will only eat cheese and crackers for dinner, much to Murphy Brown's obvious disapproval. Cuddy says Rachel is "going through a picky phase" and eating cheese and crackers for dinner "won't kill her." "You're her mother," Murphy Brown says in that way that she and most overbearing mothers have. She adds that when Cuddy was a child, she and her sister ate what her parents ate, no matter what. House drops his fork and appears ready to strike, but a warning look from Cuddy keeps him at bay. Cuddy feels the need to defend herself to her mother, saying that Rachel already ate plenty of delicious and nutritious eggs and fruit this morning, so she'll be fine with cheese and crackers tonight. But Murphy Brown has something to say about that, too, saying it explains why Rachel was such a "little vilde chaya (wild animal for you non-Yiddish speakers) when Murphy Brown took her to the park that afternoon. Murphy Brown figures it was because of all the sugar from the fruit and not because, you know, Rachel is two or because Murphy Brown doesn't strike me as a particularly good grandmother. Wilson pipes up to disagree, saying that it's actually just a myth that sugar makes kids hyper. Murphy Brown stares at him. "It's a study," he says nervously. "I'm sure it's very interesting. I didn't read any studies. I just raised children," Murphy Brown says, shutting Wilson up but good.

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