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Murphy Frown

Especially since we have to go back to PPTH and Taub. House just drugged his best friend and girlfriend's mother during her birthday dinner and his relationship with Cuddy still makes more sense and appears to be less dysfunctional than whatever is going on with Taub and his wife. Taub is sitting in the cafeteria by himself. Martha M. Masters walks up to tell him that Jack's thyroid levels are normal and his liver is currently being biopsied. Taub claims he's feeling "peachy" at the moment, though it's clear that he is not. Martha M. Masters tries to make him feel better by comparing his deal with his wife to the time when her family got a new puppy and their old dog was sad about it. "Have you ever had sex?" Taub asks. And yet, he can't resist a sympathetic ear and tells her his problems: his wife's sex drive is insatiable, but it's because of Phil, not Taub. "She likes someone else. And you've slept with other people. Uh ... why are you still together?" Even genius Martha M. Masters has no idea what the Taubs' deal is. Taub claims his loves the woman he can't stop cheating on and they've been together for 22 years, so he doesn't even know "how to not be with her." He seems to be good at not being with her when he's cheating on her, but whatever. Oh, and he can't even promise that he'll never cheat on her again. "That seems kind of selfish, doesn't it?" Martha M. Masters says. And then she gets a text message on her iPhone (I guess students don't get pagers?) saying that Foreman found evidence of autoimmune hepatitis in Jack's liver. Good times! Martha leaves Taub with his turkey sandwich and another PPTH ad, because PPTH apparently feels the need to advertise in its own (glass) walls.

While Murphy Brown and Wilson remain unconscious, Cuddy and House do the dishes in happy silence.

Daisy visits her father, who tries to teach her how to play the bass guitar. She's not interested. And then Jack has a seizure, which is going to get him yelled at by Eva for being so inconsiderate as to traumatize the child like that.

The next day, Jack has had three seizures thus far, which means that whatever he has is now, finally, in his brain. House and the Cottages watch him from the hallway because House would rather not use his office because Murphy Brown is in there and "she looks mad." Ha! Taub says Jack now has a fever, which means Martha M. Masters was right all along and he does have an infection. They just have to wait for Martha's secret cultures to develop to find out what kind of infection it is. House doesn't think they can afford to wait that long. They decide to go with leptospirosis that Jack caught from rat pee on the subway floor, even though it's extremely unlikely. House volunteers to set Jack up with antibiotics for that while the Cottages guard House's office and wait for Cuddy's mother to leave.

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