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Murphy Frown

Jack wakes up and finds House sitting in his room. House is his usual friendly self and even decides to downplay Jack's heroism, saying people will stop giving a shit about it in a few days anyway and Jack isn't any better or worse of a person today than he was before he saved that woman. Jack points out that House is hiding in a sick guy's room, so he wouldn't know much about heroism anyway. House leaves.

Murphy Brown has made herself at home in his office, looking through random patient files like there's nothing wrong with that. I guess the questionable medical ethics apple doesn't fall far from the questionable medical ethics tree. House reluctantly enters his office and starts in on his excuse before Murphy can rip into him. She interrupts him to say that ... she owes him an apology? And just like earlier in Cuddy's office, House is speechless as Murphy Brown says she must have had too much to drink at the dinner because she doesn't remember most of it. She says she knows she can be "difficult," and House presses his luck by saying that she was "a little bitchy." Murphy Brown says he was a shmendrik in the Clinic, although much more pleasant to her after he learned that she was Cuddy's mother. Oh my god, Jewish convert, put down the Yiddish dictionary. You are trying way too hard. She says House must love her daughter, which is fine with her even though she still thinks he's a "pain in the ass with a god complex." You know she isn't a real Jew because if so, she'd be beyond thrilled that her daughter was dating a doctor. She warns House that she'll kill him if he hurts Cuddy. I kind of hope he does now just so she'll come back. With that, she leaves for the train home, saying she's cutting her visit short because she's coming down with a cold due to too much time spent with children. "Children are awful," she concludes. I think House should date Cuddy's mother instead of Cuddy. But he's too busy getting his epiphany to consider it.

He heads for Jack's room and finds Eva and Daisy there. He starts examining Daisy, asking Eva if she's had any rashes recently. She hasn't, so House wants to know why she's even here when it's a school day. Um, maybe she wants to be at her father's bedside since he's kind of dying right now? That doesn't seem too far-fetched. But it turns out that Eva is keeping Daisy out of school because there's a chicken pox outbreak. And she doesn't want her kid to get it? So she can get it later when she's an adult and suffer more? That's not a good idea, since, as it turns out, that's exactly what happened to Jack. Daisy didn't get chicken pox, but she was a carrier. She spread it to Jack, who happened to be one of the 5% of people who don't get those itchy blisters, making it harder for the doctors to figure out that's what he had. House says Jack will be fine with some magic chicken pox curing drugs and his life will be saved -- though that does not, House says, make him a hero.

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