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It also doesn't make Jack a better husband after all. Eva stops by with some coffee to find him feeling better and with some news: all the attention he got for saving Chloe seems to have gotten the band a bunch of gigs, and he wants to play them. He says it will only be three weeks, and then he'll be home for good like he promised. Sad Eva walks out of the room, where Taub is waiting, having somehow overheard their conversation. He says three weeks isn't that bad, but Eva knows it won't be three weeks -- he's done this "one more tour" thing many times before. Eva says she really thought he had changed this time, but he hasn't and he never will. "There's nothing worse than loving someone who's never going to stop disappointing you," she says. And then she just walks away and leaves Taub with that important lesson.

Martha M. Masters' cultures came back and he did, in fact, have chicken pox. She thinks she's awesome for sort of coming up with the answer, although House thinks Jack would have been dead by the time her cultures came back if he hadn't figured it out earlier. Also, he says, Jack isn't a hero after all because he's going back on his word to his wife and staying with his band. Martha says that doesn't mean he didn't heroically jump on those tracks and save Chloe. House shrugs that that was an "impulse," and those are easy (so easy that no one else on the platform did it, but whatever) -- dealing with your family is hard, and Jack obviously can't do that.

Neither can Taub, but he's going to try. He comes home to his wife and asks for a divorce. Oh. I guess he's not going to try. He can't handle that she has feelings for someone else, and he can't seem to stop hurting her. They love each other, but they aren't happy. Great. Maybe now this storyline can end and Mrs. Taub can find someone worthy of her and hopefully get some therapy and grow herself a backbone, too.

House gives Cuddy another birthday present: a bottle of sedatives wrapped in a little bow she can use the next time her mother visits. Cuddy asks him to come over tonight, but he has plans to go bowling with Wilson. He says he'll cancel, but Cuddy thinks that House owes Wilson after drugging him the other night. House says his chances of sex are "considerably lower" with Wilson. Yes, but not, apparently, impossible. And then a thought occurs to him. He dashes into Wilson's office and starts to give him an excuse for why he can't make it out to bowling night after all.

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