Last Resort

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PPTH Security Fails Again

I won't lie: I've been dreading this episode. Seven extra minutes to recap? Yet another Hadley-centric episode, this time where she's in Deadly Danger? The tired hostage situation plot that's been used countless times on television and that I hoped this show was innovative enough to avoid? No, things weren't looking good. But I'll try my very best not to be bitter.

Some music that kind of sounds like "Popular" by Nada Surf plays as we watch another day begin at PPTH. Apparently, the cafeteria ran out of coffee, because people are looking very sluggish. Oh wait -- it's in slow motion. Various Clinic patients hang out in chairs and wait to be seen. We go into regular speed, and one of them, a large man wearing a cap, walks up to Hadley and says he's been waiting for an hour for a simple refill on his migraine medicine. "We'll get to you as soon as we can," Hadley says. "You can get to me now!" the man yells back. If he had a real migraine, I don't think he'd be yelling. Or running after her, still begging for help. "You're not an emergency," Hadley says. "This isn't an emergency room!" Migraine Man points out. No doubt he stopped by PPTH's ER first thing and saw some young blonde woman running around and decided to take his chances in the Clinic instead. His attitude doesn't win him any points with Hadley, who says things won't go any faster for him if he pisses her off. Maybe he wouldn't piss you off if you hadn't been so mean and uncaring to him in the first place, Hadley.

Foreman's been watching from the sidelines, and he steps up to ask Hadley if she has a minute to talk to him. "No!" Hadley says. What crawled up her ass today? Besides more Huntington's, of course. She passes up a file on a patient who needs a "routine exam" for something more interesting, and I don't think it's fair that she's not going in order on the patients, but in what catches her fancy. After all, like Migraine Man said, it's not an emergency room. PPTH sucks. Foreman persists despite her rejection, saying he's consulting on a clinical trial for a new Huntington's drug. "While it's true that no sometimes means yes, in this context ... " Hadley says, trailing off. When does no mean yes, Hadley? When you're forcing yourself on another innocent victim of your nightly prowls? Foreman ignores her and says that the Huntington's drug is showing "real results," which is terrible news for people who don't like Hadley. He offers to try to get Hadley into the trial, but she turns him down. She's not even going to try to deal with the disease she has or do anything that might slow down its progress. This, of course, is great news.

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