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PPTH Security Fails Again

So House is inexcusably stupid for giving the gun back and the SWAT team is, too, for sitting around letting the phone ring instead of charging the room. I guess House is just that determined to get his diagnosis, but why would he basically risk Kid and Hadley's life to get it, too? Why risk anyone's life at all? Give Jason the gun back with the bullets gone. Let the SWAT team think the guy is still a threat while continuing to look for a diagnosis, knowing that Jason can't kill them anymore. Or let Jason get arrested and then diagnose him from fucking jail! These are all good options! There's no reason AT ALL why House would give the loaded gun back when he doesn't have to, especially when he's been shot before and know it's not fun. Whatever.

House finally answers the phone to tell the SWAT team that Jason overpowered him and got the gun back. He hangs up, and Hadley accuses House of being a coward. He'd rather risk other people's lives and find his answer than not know and be just another ordinary doctor. House says that he's just arrogant. The real coward is Hadley, because she's afraid to die and is trying to make it come even sooner so she feels like she has control. You know who isn't a coward? Nurse NotCarla. She was awesome. Meanwhile, the Kid doesn't really care who the coward is. He just wants to leave. Should've thought about that before you stayed behind, Kid! Now you're stuck. House won't let Kid go, saying they might need him.

Outside, Lt. Bowman suspects that House is lying about being overpowered and has developed himself some Stockholm Syndrome and is now rooting for his captor. "House isn't the rooting kind," Cuddy says. She's wrong, of course -- remember House's secret cheerleader past? Lt. Bowman orders his men to put a mic on the door and prepare to blow up a wall. "Hope your boyfriend knows what he's doing," he tells Cuddy. Cuddy doesn't deny it.

The Cottages, now with special bonus Wilson, await House's call in his office. Wilson answers it with "are you insane?!" House just lists off Jason's symptoms and asks for a differential. First, he gets Foreman deciding that Chase was right all along and that House is going to kill someone. He doesn't want to be a part of it, and leaves. Adios, Foreman! Go run your clinical trial! The remaining Cottages make a few guesses, but then House notices a new symptom: Jason seems to be favoring his left ear when people are talking, which means he's losing his hearing in his right ear. This is a few hours after he had super-hearing. Sucks for you, Jason! You wasted your brief time with super-hearing pointing guns at people. Cameron guesses Cushing's, saying it can cause fluctuating hearing. Kumar adds that it could also explain Jason's "increased aggression and risk-taking." Jason gets all defensive, saying no disease tells him who to take hostage! He can make up his own mind. House wisely tells him to keep that on the down-low because it might help his chances at trial.

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