Last Resort

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PPTH Security Fails Again

Outside, the SWAT team takes its position against a wall and starts setting up the explosives.

Inside, Hadley holds the syringe up to her vein, but can't bring herself to shoot up. "Sometimes you just have to trust people!" she says. True, but maybe not when it's the SWAT team who want you dead as quickly and cleanly as possible. Jason aims the gun at her, and Hadley again tries to shoot herself up. But she still can't do it. "I don't want to die!" she says, surprising herself. Jason doesn't care. He aims the gun at her head. "I don't want to die!" she repeats. Should've thought of that sooner, moron.

It turns out that Jason doesn't want Hadley to die, either. He puts the gun down and grabs the syringe and shoots up just as the SWAT team blows a hole in the wall. The stunt doubles used for the wall explosion scene were pretty pathetic, I must say. Actually, just the Jason double is bad, as his face has been painted bright white for some reason.

The SWAT team enters to find both Jason and Hadley on the ground. House checks on her and surprised to find that she's still alive. Jason is taken away. Hadley says he didn't make her take the drug after all. I hate Jason.

House is lead to the lobby by a triumphant SWAT team. Cuddy's there. House downs some Vicodins, then turns to see Jason being lead away. Before he goes, House tells him to check his breathing. It's fine. He got his answer and his cure. Now he's off to jail forever. Idiot, but at least he won't have to pay all those medical bills.

And Hadley is looking angelic as she recovers in a hospital bed, hooked up to a dialysis machine. Oh, good. She's alive. Fan-fucking-tastic. Foreman's at her side when she wakes up. He tells her she'll be just fine after a week of dialysis, and apologizes for leaving the differential. Hadley doesn't really care. Instead, she asks about the Huntington's drug trial. Hadley loves taking drugs and doesn't want to stop! And maybe now that she's come to terms with her terminal disease or whatever, she'll spend some time in the fucking background already.

Cuddy returns to her office to find it in shambles and smelling like barf and blood. There appears to be confetti on one of her tables -- did they cut the scene where the hostages had a party? House walks in and says the tests confirmed that Jason had Melioidosis. Cuddy rolls her eyes, because she doesn't care what was wrong with Jason and that's all House cares about. She turns on House, who is seemingly only there to fetch his cane, and asks him if all he cares about is his stupid answer and enabling a hostage taker at the expense of others. House points out that Jason would have died if he hadn't taken everyone hostage, and that Cuddy enabled House to enable Jason every step of the way. Cuddy asks if House is saying that she handled things differently because he was in there. "I don't know. Let's try it again without me," he says. That shouldn't be a problem at all. PPTH is due for its next crazed gunman any second now. "This is why you and I can't be a thing," Cuddy says. Because it will end with barf on her carpet, and that's gross. House says that if Cuddy's saying that she screwed up because she isn't in a relationship with him, then the only way to fix that is ... and he trails off. "You want a relationship?" Cuddy asks. "God no! Just trying to follow your logic," House says coolly. God dammit! All that Hadley, and not enough House and Cuddy. I hate it! With that, House starts to leave and Cuddy sits down at her desk and opens her top drawer. All of her stuff goes falling to the floor because a certain someone put her desk drawer in upside down. House stays just long enough to hear the pay off before leaving with a smile on his face. Meanwhile, that little practical joke was the whole reason why he was taken hostage in the first place, so I hope it was worth it!

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