Last Resort

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PPTH Security Fails Again

House says Hadley is also sick, so she can't take the drug. Migraine Man, on the other hand, is "a very large creep." True, but I don't like Hadley so, again, I think he's a Hero! With that, House shoots the guy up. Nothing happens, so he quickly prepares the syringe for Jason, who'd better hope that Migraine Man doesn't have a disease that can be spread by sharing IV needles. Although I guess that doesn't really matter in the end, since just as House is about to inject Jason with the drug, Migraine Man keels over, taking out like three of Cuddy's lamps on his way down. House doesn't look very surprised at this development. Jason jumps up and points his gun at House, who, again, doesn't flinch. I really do think that we're supposed to pretend that episode where he got shot didn't happen. It didn't happen, and House didn't regain the use of his leg back for like two episodes, and Cuddy didn't put money into beefing up the security team. None of it happened. House says he thought he had more time, considering Migraine Man's size. But no, Migraine Man is a lightweight when it comes to injections of powerful sedatives and clever ploys. Jason cocks his gun and aims it at House, who takes a step back and actually does look alarmed this time, although he says Jason won't shoot him, because he needs him. Jason has to admit that House has a point, and he aims his gun at Mr. Yellowteeth instead, who crouches down and goes "whoa whoa whoa!" which is a more realistic reaction when a gun is suddenly pointed at you than, say, a sarcastic remark. "He didn't do anything!" House says, clearly not getting how crazy hostage takers work. "I need you to know you can't screw with me," Jason says. And then he shoots Mr. Yellowteeth in the leg. See, House? You just got one of the hostages shot, and it wasn't Hadley. Shame on you. Mr. Yellowteeth sinks to the ground and screams in pain, but he's still alive. The phone rings. "It's for you," House says, still thinking that being snarky with the crazed gunman is a good idea.

After the break, Hadley is treating Mr. Yellowteeth's gunshot wound (I guess this qualified for her high standards of interesting cases to treat) while the phone keeps ringing. If I were House, I'd shoot myself up with the knockout drug. Then I wouldn't have to deal with this anymore, and Jason would have to find another doctor.

In the lobby, Cuddy is still calling in when the SWAT team captain arrives. She tells him they heard a gunshot, and now no one's answering the phone. Lt. Bowman hangs up the phone and tells his men to "secure the perimeter." Cuddy doesn't like the sound of that. Lt. Bowman asks if a husband or loved one is one of the hostages, which is kind of a random question. "Uh ... no," Cuddy says, totally lying. Please. It's obvious to the SWAT team guy, and he's only known Cuddy for two seconds.

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