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PPTH Security Fails Again

Meanwhile, House thinks Jason's super-hearing that heard the men outside when no one else in the room did (I have a feeling their minds were sort of elsewhere, though) is a symptom. And that symptom makes the neurological diagnosis the best one on the list. House and Hadley watch as Jason puffs out his cheeks and gives them nice, big "mugshot smile," which is noticeably weaker on the left side than the right. It's also a creepy smile. I don't recommend that Jason use it for his mugshot. House diagnoses Jason with postherpetic neuralgia. Jason's super-hearing picks up on the "herpetic" part of the name and gets all offended that they think he has herpes, like that's his biggest problem right now. He wants proof of the diagnosis, but since House never actually proves his diagnoses before treating them, he can only come up with one test that he describes as "dangerous and painful," whereas the treatment is "safe and painless." Unless you hit your head on Cuddy's desk when you pass out. Jason's not falling for that one again! House says he'll order the test, which only hurts if the result is negative. If House is so sure that Jason has it, then why is he saying the test is painful?

Lt. Bowman calls back. House orders 200 mgs of Capsaicin, which is the thing in hot peppers that makes them hot. I learned this when I got into watching Youtube videos of people downing shots of the hottest hot sauces on the planet and their subsequent suffering. This test will not be pleasant. Jason wants two syringes this time, and says they'll exchange the test drug for Jason's blood and medical records. Bowman wants more, though. He says he'll only bring something in if Jason lets a hostage go. But the holiday season is upon us and Jason's feeling generous: "you can have two." But Cuddy has to be the one to bring it, he demands, which causes House to shake his head. Is it because he loves her and doesn't want her to be in harm's way? No, it's because Bowman refuses to put Cuddy in danger and House thinks Bowman should let Cuddy go before Jason shoots another hostage. Bowman is more worried about Cuddy than House is, and say he'll have to think about it. This time, Bowman hangs up first.

Bowman tells Cuddy that Jason wants her to do all the transfers. "Okay," Cuddy says immediately. Bowman thinks she should be responding with a "no way" and "it's not my job," because he apparently has confused Cuddy with Chase. He suspects that she has a "conflict of interest," which means he can't trust her. How about the fact that this is Cuddy's hospital and those are her patients and employees in her office? And it was her decision not to step up the PPTH security team, thereby causing this to happen in the first place? That's enough reason for her to volunteer herself to play delivery girl, I think.Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17Next





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