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Piece of Cake
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The world is looking bright as a woman charges up to the camera and starts promising to make us thinner without gimmicks, crash diets, or drugs. Behind her there's a parade of overweight people jogging their way up the stadium stairs. One guy collapses, and the take is ruined. The world is looking much less bright when House's cameras are filming it, so now all the colors are dull. Sigh. Why does this show hate color so much? The camera crew is pissed at the guy for falling, but the woman is compassionate, making sure he's feeling okay and telling the rest of the workout group to keep running up and down the stairs because they're not doing it for the cameras, they're doing it for themselves. I hope she's paying them an appearance fee too, though. The fallen man takes a quick breather and gets fired up again, and he and the woman make their way up the stairs together, reaching the top and looking like Rocky. A fat Rocky, but still. He's thrilled with himself until the woman suddenly keels over. Of course, she does it with style, rolling down like half the stadium until she's stopped by the camera crew. Did you really think the fat guy was going to be the Patient of the Week? Mais non! We've already done that episode.

House bravely attempts to ride the elevator by himself, but it's no good. Cuddy squeezes her way in just like she squeezed her way into today's cleavage-riffic office wear. She complains that House is getting half the amount of requests as usual for his diagnostic services, so it's slim pickings for his next case. She reads off the file on our fitness trainer, who managed to break her ankle in her stadium roll fall. House grabs the file immediately, causing Cuddy to ask why he isn't arguing with her that this case is beneath him. He says there's no point, since they're in an elevator so he can't use his go-to move of running away. Cuddy meanly points out that he can't run away regardless.

They de-elevator on House's floor and continue walking side by side. "Why are we still together?" House asks, very observant. Cuddy has been waiting all morning for him to arrive at work for this moment: she announces that she will be using his office while her office is repaired after its destruction last week. She thinks this is fitting since House was "directly responsible" for her office's current state. House points out that the man who took him, and several others, hostage was slightly more responsible than he was, to which Cuddy says her desk won't fit in his cell. With that, she points House in the direction of "our" outer office (the meeting room), which will be his to use. She gets the room with the stereo, the napping chair, and the giant ball.

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