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Piece of Cake

Flashback time! Although, were the flashbacks really necessary? We've never gotten them for anyone else on this show. It doesn't seem fair that we see Hadley, Jr. before House, Jr. Anyway, Mother Hadley is leaving, presumably for the hospice. Dadley tells Hadley, Jr. to say good-bye now, or regret it forever. Damn. He could have given her a couple days to get adjusted.

The chelation didn't work, and today's differential is taking place in the stairwell. Some random woman has trouble getting past the crowd of Cottages, but says nothing. She works at PPTH, she knows what House is about, she knows to expect the unexpected. Frankly, she's just happy that she didn't get shot while in his vicinity. Taub asks why they're meeting here, and House has to tell him that their real office has no furniture, thanks to Cuddy. Turns out that she liked that toilet. A lot. Hadley starts to suggest a heart problem, only for House to point out to her and everyone else that her body language (leaning away from Foreman) suggests that she has some kind of problem with him. House doesn't really care to delve into it any more than that, though, and turns to make a vending machine purchase, amazingly with his own money, as Kumar gets a page. He claims it's a personal thing. Taub's pager goes off next. He attempts to diagnose Emmy with Guillain-Barré to distract House, but his pager emits a loud, high-pitched sound that's hard to ignore. House doesn't seem to care, though, asking if Taub's wife is paging him and wondering if he's upset that she paged Kumar first. House goes with the Guillain-Barré diagnosis, saying it could have been set off by the bypass surgery. He tells them to treat Emmy with plasmapheresis. Kumar and Taub hit the ground running. Either they love plasmapheresis, or TBL is in trouble.

It's the latter, although I don't know if I'd consider TBL's current condition "trouble." She's singing "Coconut" by Harry Nilsson. Over and over again. Taub, Kumar, and Cameron stand by and watch for a while. Their expressions are kind of amazing. Finally, Kumar speaks up to ask TBL to stop singing. She doesn't. Yeah, I think the good people in the ER already tried that one before paging you, Kumar. Cameron is worried, saying this could be some kind of weird seizure. She urges them to get House. Taub responds to this by yelling at TBL. Cameron patiently explains that yelling at people isn't an effective treatment. Neither, as Taub told us earlier, is kindness. Kumar has decided that TBL is faking this for attention. Fortunately, Cameron is more observant than they are, and notices that TBL's ear is bleeding. That means she's not faking anything. "Get House!" Cameron says.

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