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Piece of Cake

It was a hallucination, as Taub tells the rest of the group. They're back in the meeting room, forced to sit (or in the case of House, lie) on the floor. The hallucinations rules out Guillain-Barré. Hadley says it must be something in Emmy's brain, checks her watch, and takes off. She doesn't want to be late for her appointment. House is all bent out of shape that Hadley would choose a possibly life-extending and life-bettering treatment over his little differential session. She tosses off a diagnosis of CNS lymphoma on her way out the door. House keeps yelling after her, but she walks past the office mouthing "I can't hear you." Ha! House is so bummed to be stuck with Kumar and Taub. Even Taub's diagnosis of prion disease doesn't cheer him up. He orders a brain biopsy, but while the wall between the meeting room and the hallway may be soundproof (at least, that's what Hadley would have House believe), the wall between the meeting room and House's office still isn't. We suddenly cut to Cuddy, sitting on the floor because the office, too, has no furniture (did she take the furniture away from both rooms or is this House's response to her taking the furniture away from the meeting room? Either way, it's hilarious), and she refuses to give House permission to do a risky brain biopsy until he's ruled out any other possible diagnoses. Meanwhile, Cuddy's shirt is even more cleavage-riffic than her last one. House orders Taub and Kumar off to test Emmy for the diseases he's sure she doesn't have while he deals with his boss.

"You're stopping me because you have the hots for me," House says. Whaaa? Someone's acknowledging something sort of? I can't believe it! Cuddy steps up to House and says he's the one who has the hots for her. House points out that she moved into his office. Cuddy protests that House has the biggest office, so it was her best choice. And now that it's free of room-cluttering furniture, it's even bigger! I wondered if the Feng Shui was better or worse now, so I asked my uncle again. Here was his response: "The function of the room dictates the type, the amount, and the placement of the furniture in the room. So, if a room intended to be used for an office is void of furniture, not much work can be done. The person in the office would be ineffective. And a room with only files and a phone in it sounds like a storage area, or an archive area. There would probably be a lack of initiative, focus, and eventually a feeling of not being appreciated, which could lead to low self-esteem, and again it goes on..." I think there's something to this Feng Shui! Cuddy totally has low self-esteem. "Why are you dressed like that? Why do you try so hard to get my attention?" House asks. Ooooh, Cuddy's busted. That shirt is undeniable. "Are you screwing with me?" House asks, stepping closer to Cuddy. "Are you screwing with me?" Cuddy asks, stepping closer to House. "Depends on your answer," House says. Lingering stare. "Everybody knows this is going somewhere," Cuddy says. Everybody? The Cottages are totally clueless. Only Wilson knows. Although I guess anyone who happened to walk by House's glass-walled office might also have an inkling. "I think we're supposed to kiss now," Cuddy says. Yes! Hooray! I think! It could go horribly wrong though! "We already did that," House says. And then ... he grabs her boob and says it seemed like the logical next step. Oops! Moment: over. "I'm an idiot for being surprised," Cuddy says sadly. She starts to leave, but House holds her back (by her boob). Okay, now's the time to redeem yourself, House! Go for it! Don't be scared! Grow up! "Can you leave these?" he asks. D'oh! Cuddy leaves with her boobs. House stares at the floor.

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