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Piece of Cake

Hadley's in the waiting room. The woman with the spastic limbs is there, too. Foreman walks out, and Hadley asks if he can change her appointment time so she won't have to see the spastic lady. "Schedule's full," Foreman says. Hadley is stuck with the spastic lady, so she might as well get to know her. I'm all for Foreman teaching Hadley a lesson and helping her confront her demons and everything, but does it have to be all at once? Seems kind of harsh. Hadley flashes back to looking out her bedroom window as her father loaded her mother in the car. He sees her watching and gestures at her to come outside and say good-bye. Nope! Hadley, Jr. is having none of that, her face as blank and snotty as it will be in her adult form. Back in the present, Hadley sucks it up and walks over to help the woman get her arm through her coat sleeve. Um ... that scene made me all emotional and stuff. I hate to admit it, seeing as how I hated on Hadley so hard in last week's recap, but there you go. Something about her story this week resonated with me.

CNS lymphoma has been ruled out for Emmy. Taub says they'll look for other brain tumors next. Sounds like fun! Meanwhile, a random extra is walking down the hallway in a bathrobe and slippers, like, someone's a little too comfortable in this hospital. It's not a spa, guy. Emmy is all depressed now and asks if they can stop by the cafeteria for a slice of chocolate cake. Damn straight! If I was being tested for all kinds of brain tumors, I'd want chocolate cake, too! Although maybe not hospital cafeteria chocolate cake. Taub stops the wheelchair and tells Emmy not to give up, but Emmy points out that even if they find out what's wrong with her, the options of what it could be are all pretty bad news for her. Emmy tells Taub to stop lying to her and tell her what they're considering that's worse than a brain tumor. "Prion disease," he answers truthfully. She asks how bad that is. "There are a few treatments, but there's no guarantee. I'm sorry," Taub says. That means it's BAAAD. Huntington's bad. Emmy still wants her cake. Taub wheels her to it.

House has his furniture and his ball back. He's sitting on his side of the desk looking contemplative when Taub walks in looking for Cuddy. He tells House that Emmy doesn't have CNS lymphoma and she's still getting worse, so he thinks they should do the brain biopsy. House has seemingly unrelated question for Taub, asking him how he felt when he was cheating on his wife. Taub says he felt fine "superficially," but was probably miserable deep down. House doubts it. He thinks Taub "gave something away" to make his marriage work. He wants to believe that he got something back in return. So ... is House saying that he'd be giving something away if he decided to have a real relationship with Cuddy? Like what? It's not like he has a parade of women to choose from. It's mostly prostitutes and women in Antarctica. That's not giving up much. And it's getting a lot in return. Taub decides that House is crazy and/or high and decides to go get Cuddy's approval himself, but House stops him. He'll do the biopsy, regardless of Cuddy's demand that they eliminate other diagnoses first. "Cuddy doesn't always get what she wants," House says. No, she really doesn't. She wanted a child and didn't get that. She wants a loving relationship based on mutual respect and admiration, and she's not going to get that, either. Cuddy can't always get what she wants, but if she tries sometimes, she just might find that House will give her what he thinks he needs. House and Taub enter Emmy's room to find her looking healthy and even doing some stretches.

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