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Piece of Cake

As soon as they're in the hall, it turns out that Cuddy's diagnosis is a good one, as Emmy's BP is perfectly normal. House just didn't want Cuddy to know that she might have gotten one right. He tells Taub and Kumar to try to re-create the conditions Emmy was in when she had her first attack and see if it happens again. Right, because it worked out so well for her the first time.

Meanwhile, the other half of House's team is at the clinical trials. Hadley is forced to wait in the waiting room, where she sees one of her fellow guinea pigs. This woman is much further along in her disease than Hadley is. It's not a pretty sight. Hadley flashes back to her mother when she was in the later stages of the disease. And you know it's Hadley's mother because the girl watching her is perfectly cast as a young Hadley. She looks like her, but she's got Hadley's blank stare down pat. Dadley tends to her mother, and promises Hadley that it will be okay. It won't.

They've decided to put Emmy in a cold weather situation by forcing her to work out in the freaking morgue, with dead bodies all around her. Really? That's the best they could do? That's not creepy for the patient or anything. But Emmy isn't bothered, as the chance to do some hand-pedaling (running on a treadmill is out since her ankle is broken) is a more than welcome one for the fitness freak. Unfortunately, she's also subjected to questioning from Taub, who insists on not believing that she doesn't indulge in unhealthy foods or bad habits. Just because you cheat, Taub, doesn't mean everyone else does. Leave her alone. With Taub distracted, Kumar is left to notice that Emmy isn't looking too good. She says she's fine, but her face turns red and she suddenly passes out. Not only that, but she has no pulse. "This isn't asthma!" Taub says helpfully.

Hadley's doing some motor function tests. But they're boring, so she makes small talk with Foreman at the same time. She asks if there are a lot of people in the trial. Foreman says yes, then tells her to try the test again -- this time without talking. Hadley starts again. Two seconds later: "I shouldn't be here." I'll say! She can't even follow simple instructions. Hadley thinks it's unfair that she only got this spot because she knows the guy running the trial. Foreman says she got the spot because she has Huntington's. Then he makes her do the test again -- without talking. Two and a half seconds later, Hadley is saying that this is a trial for people with symptoms, which she doesn't have. "Shut up," Foreman says. He then reveals that she didn't do so well on the test, which means her nerves have started degenerating. I'll say! The following commands nerve is, like, totally gone. Hadley's reaction to this devastatingly terrible news is a blank stare.

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