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Piece of Cake

The Cottages move out to the hallway for the differential session. It's barely gotten started when Foreman and Hadley are paged back to the clinic trial. No wonder Hadley didn't want to do it -- it's a real time hog. Foreman leaves, reluctantly leaving Hadley behind only after she assures him that she'll come down when she's done with her work. House is thrilled to win this power struggle, and offers Hadley a high-five. She leaves him hanging. Embarrassing! But is it more or less embarrassing than when someone offers you a hand for a low-five and you shake it instead? Anyway, House is a bit deflated after two women show him up, so his metaphor is not at its usual indecipherable best. He says they have to figure out if the problem is in Emmy's power station (brain) or high-tension wires (nerves). He tells them to run some nerve test. I notice that there's a custodial supply closet opposite House's office. This explains how he became such good friends with The Weird Night Janitor.

Taub sets Emmy up for the test, but he's still being mean to her. Seriously, why's he gotta hate so much on the gastric bypass lady? I think gastric bypass is cheating, too, but I wouldn't go out of my way to be mean to someone who had it done. "I learned in med school that you don't actually cure with kindness," is his explanation. Maybe not, but you can apparently get your point across with meanness, as Emmy suddenly says that Taub is right: she is a hypocrite. Taub says he's not interested in her rationalizations, but Emmy persists that if she tells the truth about her bypass then the people who buy her DVDs won't listen to her anymore, and therefore she won't be able to help them. Taub still doesn't care, so Emmy asks him if he can honestly say he's never done something hypocritical. And if he has, he probably had a good reason to do it. Taub immediately softens and says please when he asks her to lift her arm up. Apparently Emmy holds a grudge, though, because she doesn't lift her arm. Either that, or her muscle weakness has spread.

Foreman goes out to the waiting room. Hadley isn't there. She really has commitment issues, doesn't she?

Taub and Kumar share an elevator with a woman with lopsided fake boobs. Taub starts talking about Emmy and possible diagnoses even though all medical personnel are expressly told NEVER to discuss confidential patient information in public places such as elevators. Tsk, tsk, Taub! Kumar isn't listening anyway, because he has a hunch that they're sharing the elevator with The Boob Lady. He asks her where she's going, and she confirms that yes, she's on her way to House's office to talk to him about her joint pain, fatigue, and now, hair loss, all thanks to her fake boobs. That's a lot of information to give to a stranger. With that, the elevator door opens, and House is sitting on a bench outside his office. This won't do at all. Kumar and Taub shove TBL back in the elevator before House can see her, saying that he's gone for the day but they'd be happy to set her up in the ER.

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