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Piece of Cake

She either said yes or is buried in PPTH's compost pile, because when Taub and Kumar are in the elevator again, she's gone. Taub thinks they can just give her some antibiotics for the staph infection he's sure she got from all her piercings and tattoos. He thinks she'll be fine by the morning. Kumar isn't so sure, but the elevator door opens and they have to report to House, who is now napping on the small bench in a position that has got to hurt his bad leg. He's also using the giant ball as a pillow. Good to see he got her back. Yes, the giant ball is a female. They tell him that Emmy now has muscle weakness and list off some new diagnoses. Kumar also suggests that House stop screwing with Cuddy so she won't booby-trap his office with bad smells, to which House quotes Sean Connery from The Untouchables: "she sends one of yours to the hospital, send of theirs to the morgue." Kumar and Taub aren't sure who House is impersonating (I thought it was Jimmy Stewart the first time I saw the episode) or they haven't seen the movie it's from. But they're about to find out what it means.

House leads them into Cuddy's office and looks for things to destroy. Taub suggests that this might not be a good idea, but House says that when good people do nothing, evil thrives. I hear Hitler started with hydrogen sulfide, so this makes sense. With that, House grabs a sledgehammer and limps into Cuddy's never-before-seen private bathroom. Way to leave the toilet paper hanging down on the floor, Cuddy. Geez. House goes with a new diagnosis of heavy metal toxins and takes a sledgehammer to the toilet. I'll bet that was fun. Revenge taken, he tells the Cottages to get to chelating.

Hadley comes home to find Foreman already there. That's now the second time he's broken into her apartment. "Get out of my house," Hadley says. Foreman says he came to find "proof" that she went back into self-destruct mode and wasn't worth his time anymore. Why not just ask her? Or take the fact that she didn't show up at her appointment as proof enough? Breaking and entering and looking through her stuff seems a little drastic. Anyway, Foreman says he was surprised to see that she was following all of his instructions (which apparently includes taking lots of vitamins and writing a diary) better than any of his other patients. It doesn't make sense. Hadley says she did go to the appointment, as promised, but Foreman was with another patient. She had to wait in the waiting room with another patient -- the woman she saw before who was in the later stages of the disease. Hadley says she already knows what's going to happen to her in "eight to ten" years (probably closer to eight now that the degeneration has started -- hope the drugs and sex were worth it!), so she doesn't need to see it. Foreman says he understands how she feels. He sternly adds that she has to get over it. She either shows up on time tomorrow, or not at all. Damn. He could have given her a couple days to get adjusted. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I totally feel for Hadley here.

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