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You Are What You Eat

The next day, Foreman goes around Adam's backyard and bags everything.

This time, it really is House playing the PSP. The Cottages enter with news: Foreman found jimson weed in the backyard. I know a lot about jimson weed, thanks to one of my middle school classmate's decision to try it and subsequent hospital visit. We all had to sit in jimson weed lectures for like a week and there were posters lining the hallways telling us how evil and dangerous the stuff was, so we should certainly not take some from the patch growing on school grounds. Anyway, jimson weed is a hallucinogen that could cause all of Adam's symptoms. But Cameron doesn't care about that; she wants to know why House is having them meet in an empty patient room, which she doesn't think will upset Cuddy. Why do you care, Cameron? Just accept that your boss is being a weirdo and move on and do your job like everyone else. House agrees with me: "Why can't you be like all the other age-inappropriate girls who have a thing for me? Just accept me for me." And then he asks Chase to continue talking about their case, and Chase says the treatment for a jimson weed overdose could be dangerous for someone with Adam's heart issues, so they'll have to be absolutely sure that jimson weed is the problem. The test for this will take longer than they have, of course, so they'll have to figure it out another way. And Adam certainly won't be telling them anything. Or will he?

House heads for Adam's room to try to use his Autistic Whisperer skills again. He holds up a board with pictures of Adam's backyard on it and affixes a Polaroid of jimson weed to it. He asks Adam if he's ever eaten it. The parents don't think that House will be able to get through to Adam, but House holds up Adam's PSP and says that if he doesn't tell House what he needs to know, it'll be "game over." "Show me what you ate!" House orders. Adam squirms and moans, but lifts his arm and grabs the picture of...the sandbox. Damn. And then one of Adam's eyeballs starts moving around of its own accord and we have another symptom.

The next meeting place will be the chapel, which already has a few grief-stricken, higher-power seeking visitors who are none-too-pleased to have their quiet moment of reflection and prayer destroyed by some doctor and his temper tantrum. House puts on a Southern-evangelist preacher accent and asks the group what Adam's new wonky eye could mean. In between apologizing to the exiting parishioners, Chase says that ocular paralysis is consistent with jimson weed. But House says the eye wasn't paralyzed; it was pirouetting. "MS," Cameron guesses, actually talking about the case for the first time this episode. House rejects this with some long-winded Southern preacher impression that Cameron does not enjoy. Foreman guesses they're looking at one of those invisible micro-tumors they're always incorrectly diagnosing patients with. The tumor started in Adam's lungs, then metastasized into his liver and then his brain. House doubts they could have missed three tumors, but Foreman is sure he'll be able to find it now that he knows where to look. That could mean removing Adam's eye, which will make Adam "only half as good at not making eye contact," House says. That shouldn't be funny, but it is.

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