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Cuddy's Living Nightmare

She really can't win, since the inspector somehow found out what happened and is not pleased. Cuddy says the results speaks for themselves: Evan is alive and not in a coma. House's treatment worked and a life was saved, even though he had to break protocol to do it. The inspector says that the rules exist for a reason, and everyone has to abide by them. Even, and especially, the people who don't think they do. And with that, he just sits down and starts talking about Chase, saying "I noticed Dr. Chase -- " before they cut the scene off. I wonder what the rest of his sentence was. I'm guessing it's "Actually, I didn't notice Dr. Chase. Is he even on the show anymore? What's up with that?"

CTB rolls over on her new waterbed with cheesy gold sheets. She sloshes around, but she's alone; Wilson is gone. She finds him sleeping on the floor of the living room. He says he can't sleep and he hates the waterbed. CTB says she kind of likes it. "It's awful!" Wilson says. "We're returning it tomorrow." Do waterbed stores take returns? Will any mattress stores even let Wilson and CTB in to buy a third mattress after reports of their rampant mattress buying and returning spree make their way around town? CTB curls up beside Wilson and says she's glad he got the waterbed. Wilson says he is, too, but he's worried they won't take it back. CTB says she'll make sure they do. I have a feeling Wilson's balls will be traded in once again, but he doesn't seem to mind.

House is still up, watching DVDs of his soap to figure out what went wrong. Brock is talking to a blonde girl this time, and it's Anna!!! Wow, she's finally feeling better from her coma. But she's pissed because Brock went and got engaged to that horrible Marie while she was unconscious. Brock drinks his gin and tonic, and House drinks his bourbon ... which gives him an idea. I guess alcohol and Vicodin to House works like spinach to Popeye. (By the way, the dialogue in this soap scene is really funny, if you can hear it. Something about the Lady Slipper being the best nightclub Port Lawrence has ever seen. Why would Anna even bring the Lady Slipper up in the middle of her talk with Brock about Marie? Anna is weird.) He calls Cuddy. She's asleep in bed (non-water) but answers. "Don't hang up!" House says. Cuddy says House's little steroid trick got PPTH a $200,000 fine. "You should've been fired," House says, so concerned. Anyway, moving onto more important matters, i.e. stuff House cares about, he noticed bubbles in Brock's gin and tonic -- the prop guys put tonic water in Evan's glass. Brock started drinking gin and tonics two months ago, which was around the same time that Evan's symptoms started. Evan, House says, is allergic to the quinine in tonic water. "Nice job," Cuddy says sincerely. "You should've been fired," House says again, also somewhat sincerely. He should've quit while he was ahead -- now Cuddy says she's taking the TV out of his office. Ha ha! "What are you wearing?" House asks. And then they say good night to each other. Aww!

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