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Cuddy marches into the lobby and tells the weirdo baby snatcher nurses that Sara has eight towels in her room when patient rooms are only supposed to have four. Weirdo nurse quickly says that's housekeeping's department, making sure to get the blame off of her ASAP. Cuddy orders her to get their logs. Nurse Lookslikeababysnatcher hesitates because that means she'll have to do actual work, but then her boss tells her to do it and shut up. The other nurse has no problem staying quiet because she's standing around with one of her arms outstretched looking like a zombie. Cuddy asks if she's okay. "Sure," Nurse Adriane says. Cuddy notices that the hairs on Adriane's left arm are standing up but the hairs on her right arm are not. That means she's have a pilomotor seizure, which is a special almost magical condition where you have complex seizures and stay conscious but behave automatically with no awareness of what's going on. And your co-workers are all such self-involved assholes that they don't notice you standing around like a zombie all day, as Cuddy says Adriane has probably been having these seizures all day without knowing it. Which means she may have dropped fresh towels off in Sara's room twice ... and taken the baby. Ah, Detective Cuddy strikes again!

Back in the room of relationships that no longer make sense, Chase and Cameron stop dancing and Cameron says they never had a "proper good-bye." Well, that's because she packed her bag and took off. They kiss, then Cameron pulls away. Chase is disappointed until she heads to the exam room door and locks it, giving him a mischievous look. More making out happens. So Cameron's so irreparably "messed up" that she can't keep her marriage together or even try to but she can have sex with the man she can't bear to stay married to one last time? Okay.

House gives Nash a phone and says it's time to call his daughter. Nash dials and gets an answering machine. Oh, snap! Nash leaves a message on her machine of some heavy breathing as he struggles to hang the phone up. Gracie is going to be so confused when she checks her messages, you guys. "I guess she's running late," he shrugs, and House notes that he doesn't seem very surprised or bothered, especially since he waited all this time to call her. House instadiagnoses Nash with intentionally waiting until he knew Gracie wouldn't be home to call her. Nash says Gracie's aunt told him that she works at night and sometimes he calls when he knows she's at work to hear her voice on the machine. "I was never there when she needed me, so what right do I have to need her now? None," he says. "Apparently, you do," House says, hitting redial on the phone. "Forget about rights. Tell her what you need to tell her," House says, placing the phone next to Nash's face. Gracie's machine picks up, and he takes a minute before saying "Gracie, this is ... your father. I love you." And then he starts crying and turns away from the phone so House hangs it up. Wow, way to not even say good-bye, Dad. That's just rude. Although you know what's more rude than that? Not seeing your daughter for years upon years because you didn't want to commit to her mother and then resurfacing in her life only to leave a message on her answering machine before you die. So now you get whatever closure you wanted, but Gracie doesn't. Ever.

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