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Detective Cuddy puts her baby-finding skills to the test, entering a housekeeping closet. Cuddy notices that a laundry cart is missing. Damn. She's the Dean of Medicine, but she always knows what's up in her hospital, from the number of towels each patient is supposed to get to how many carts there usually are in the housekeeping closet. Too bad she isn't able to control anything else at PPTH. For instance, maybe she should have known that one of their nurses was subject to rare seizures that cause sufferers to steal babies and not assigned her to the maternity ward. Cuddy leaves the closet and looks around. Those baby-locating skills of hers that found a live baby one month after it supposedly died in a crackden in the middle of winter kick in, and she soon finds a laundry cart sitting just outside the doors to the maternity ward in a hallway. And lying in a bunch of dirty towels is the baby, who spent the last few hours being totally silent unlike every baby ever. Also, are you trying to tell me that all those police officers and dogs and helicopters and useless PPTH security guards couldn't find a baby in a freaking laundry cart that was like ten feet away from the patient room in a hallway? SERIOUSLY? Cuddy picks the baby up and cries with happiness. After all, last time she found a missing baby, she got to keep it!

Cuddy hands the baby to Sara... for now. Walker and Dad run in and the whole family is reunited now that they know the stepson didn't do anything wrong. A bunch of PPTH staff members watch from the hallway along with the one security guy and police officer who didn't leave in shame at being so bad at finding babies. Adriane doesn't appear to be there, either. I hope they sent her to a different, better hospital for treatment or else next week's episode will be dedicated to finding her after she wanders off under everyone's nose.

And in the exam room of WTF, Chase and Cameron are informed by some guy standing outside the locked door that the lockdown is over. Apparently, PPTH doesn't have a PA system to announce these kinds of things. They are all post-coital and stuff, because having sex on an exam table is fun and comfortable.

In the cafeteria, Wilson informs Hadley that he just called and invited Sam to have dinner with him. "Little baby's all growed up," Hadley smirks. Yet even she might have learned something today, as she says she'll talk to her dad later when she stops by his hotel. Wilson's all, "but you said he stayed at your apartment." We have no idea what parts of Hadley's history were true and which were lies. But one thing is clear: Hadley sucks at Truth or Dare.

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