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And down in the records room, PPTH's PA system remembers that it exists and announces that the lockdown is over. Foreman and Taub appear to be no longer high, so they leave their files behind and agree never to tell anyone about this. Foreman leaves Taub behind to get the patient file that sent him down there in the first place, and Taub opens Foreman's file, removes the page containing his academic probation, and feeds it to a nearby paper shredder.

In the room of death and psychoanalysis, Nash says he's ready for House to up his morphine. House does, and as it starts to take effect, he apologizes to Nash for not taking his case. Nash says he's sorry too, and that his daughter was the cutest six-year-old ever. And that's how he has to remember her since he didn't, you know, keep in touch with her except on his own terms.

Taub walks out of PPTH, followed closely by Hadley. "Interesting night, huh?" he says to her. Wordlessly, she opens up her shirt and flashes him along with anyone who happens to be hanging out outside of PPTH. Taub has no problem staring at the goods even long after they've been covered back up and Hadley is gone. I don't understand why she was so big on going through with the "dare" part of that game when she couldn't be bothered to fulfill the "truth" aspect, but at least we didn't have to end the episode with that downer dying guy.

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