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A detective asks Sara some questions as Cuddy enters just in time to stop Sara from jumping out of bed to look for the baby herself. Cuddy orders her back into bed, saying the sudden movements that baby-locating often requires will rip out the stitches from her recent C-section. In fact, Sara is already bleeding from the wound. Hey, maybe they should check her womb. Perhaps the baby, seeing how lame the real world is, went back inside? Cuddy reassures Sara that the police will find her baby soon. Dad asks why the police aren't questioning their nurse, who is just standing at the nurse's station looking like a creepy baby stealer. Good call, Dad.

Wilson has made a terrible decision and is hanging out with Hadley instead of the awesome Sassy Cafeteria Register Lady. He jokingly suggests that they play "Truth or Dare," but when it becomes obvious that they have nothing to talk about otherwise, he opts for "Truth." Dumb. It's not like Hadley could give him a really shitty dare to do when they're stuck in the cafeteria like that. He should have chosen Dare. Or made Hadley go first.

Detective Cuddy is on the case, and she wants to know if Nurse Lookslikeababysnatcher has an alibi for the time that the baby was stolen. Nurse Lookslikeababysnatcher is a little too quick to blame the son for the missing baby, saying she thinks he pinched his new sister when she gave her to him to hold. At the time, the nurse says, she thought it was just sibling rivalry. But now that she's a suspect in the baby's disappearance, she's ready to point the finger at someone else.

Taub finds Foreman in the records room. Foreman says he came down to help Taub find some patient file. Taub already has it, so he moves on to the CONFIDENTIAL personnel files that PPTH keeps hidden from public view by making them readily accessible to any PPTH employee with a lot of time on his hands. "We can look up anything on anyone," he says. Foreman is against this until Taub suggests that they do some research on their boss. It's not like House hasn't done all of this stuff to them and rubbed their faces in it, so why not?

House flips through the channels on a flat-screen TV in a patient room (I'm sorry, but there's no way hospitals have flat screens in patient rooms. No way!), only to be disturbed by a noise. It's the patient, Nash, who House is surprised to see is conscious when he's on a tremendous amount of morphine. He reads the guy's chart and sees that he has a condition called ischemic cardiomyopathy that is extremely painful and should be killing him within a day. So how wonderful that he gets to spend those last moments of his life in the dark by himself because PPTH can't keep track of its babies. House decides to leave this bummer of a room, only for Nash to call him back by identifying him by name. "Don't tell me we used to date," House says, perfectly happy to joke around with the super-terminal guy. Nash says he tried to be one of House's patients when he just had some unexplained tooth pain. That turned into a bunch of heart attacks and now here he is, barfing up who knows what into a pan that he only got in the first place because House happened to be there to give it to him. Otherwise, PPTH would have been happy to let the dying man barf all over himself, apparently. He asks if it bothers House to watch him die knowing that he could have done something to prevent it if he hadn't turned down Nash's case because it was too boring for him. Oh, don't sell yourself short, Nash. I'm sure House turned your case down because you aren't a hot woman, not because it was boring. House tries to be flippant about it, saying he can only take on one out of every twenty cases that come his way, and he knows that a lot of the cases he rejects end badly. House blames this on there not being more Houses in the world, as if the world could handle that. There would be more Houses in the world if CBS had its way, but no one watches any of their rip-off medical shows with quirky cranky doctors so they have to keep canceling them.

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