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And then in the exam room of divorce, Cameron marvels at how calm and "okay" Chase seems. Chase says he spent months trying to figure out what he did wrong (um, murder someone? Just a thought) but if she never loved him, then this wasn't his fault. Cameron makes a sad face, and Chase tells her it's okay. Really? Then maybe he never loved her, either. Cameron sobs that she doesn't know why she said she never loved him since "it's not even true." "I did love you. Just not in a way that would have ever worked," she says. "Why not?" Chase asks. Cameron says she's a mess and clearly has commitment issues what with her marrying her poor dead husband and pushing Chase out of her life. "I'm unfixable," she concludes. HUH? What? Where is this even coming from? Chase, Cameron says, can be fixed. I'm going to disagree with that one, since Chase totally murdered that guy and everything. Remember that? He's a doctor, and he abused his doctor privileges in order to murder a patient. That sucks! How is Cameron now the messed up person in that relationship? Why don't they just have her say the truth - "the writers couldn't figure out anywhere for my character to go and they liked Olivia Wilde more anyway, so they fired me." That makes much more sense than any of this. "I'm sorry," Chase says. "I'm sorry too," Cameron says. Yeah, well, there is this thing called "COUPLES COUNSELING" and "MARRIAGE THERAPY" that they might want to try before deciding that Cameron is unfixable just because she married a dead guy once. Oh, wait, no -- Chase signs the papers, so that's that.

Hadley still wants to play Truth or Dare, even though she reveals that she wasn't telling the truth in some of her answers. She never told her dad about her bisexuality or her Huntington's. "He's been through enough," she says. Whatever -- does having a bisexual daughter really constitute as a hardship? Huntington's does, but it's not like he won't find out if Hadley doesn't tell him about it. I'm sure he'd rather know sooner than later so he can make the most out of whatever time he has left with her before the disease sets in. Hadley spares her father that kind of pain by working late when he visits and staying somewhere else when he stays in her house. I'm sure that doesn't hurt his feelings or anything. Whatever, I don't care about Dadley and I don't care about Hadley. Good thing she changes the subject back to Wilson when he says it's not fair of her to "suppress [her] life for his convenience," pointing out that that's exactly what Wilson's been doing for House, and it's obviously having an effect on his love life. That's all it takes for Wilson to say she's right and reveal that the woman he's not dating "now" is named Sam Carr, though her name was Sam Wilson from 1990 to 1991. Wow, way to make that marriage last, Wilson. He and Cameron should get together and talk about how to ruin things. "Your ex-wife?" Hadley asks. "No, my mother. Yes, my ex-wife," Wilson snaps at her. His first ex-wife friended him on Facebook a few weeks ago (seriously, Wilson has a Facebook account? Why? That's ridiculous) and it turns out that she's recently divorced. Hooray! They're perfect for each other. But Wilson doesn't want to ask her out because then House will get upset. Hadley psychoanalyzes Wilson almost as well as he psychoanalyzes everyone else, saying he's using House as an excuse because even a casual date with an ex makes things "immediately serious" and that's scary.

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