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And back in the broken marriage exam room, Cameron asks Chase about his "favorite parts" of their marriage. Isn't it a little too soon for this? Chase says he liked it when she would put her arm around him in the middle of the night without even waking up and how she stood up to her dad at Christmas when he yelled at her mother. Oh, god, I wonder what that scene was like. Knowing Cameron, she told her father that she loved him once, but now she realizes that he's poison and everyone around him is also poison. Then she kissed him on the cheek and took off, never to return except for one time when she got locked in an exam room with him for closure purposes. Cameron remembers a dance class they took for their wedding, and how Chase will never hold her like that again. Well, he could if you tried to work out your problems instead of running away. I can't feel very sorry for someone who's mourning the loss of a relationship she never tried to save. Chase stands up and plays a song on the speakers of his phone. I'm guessing it's their wedding song ("Alison" by Elvis Costello, by the way)? They dance. I don't understand how he can touch her knowing that she left him and their marriage like that.

Foreman reads Taub's file, which is full of impressive accomplishments at an early age. "This has got to be the most spectacular file down here," Foreman says, asking why Taub seems ashamed of it. Taub says he always thought he would become a doctor like House someday, especially considering everything he achieved in med school. But now he's just one of House's fellows. Foreman says they both have regrets. Taub says his are different than Foreman's because Foreman is "trending up" and Taub is not. Well, except for the part where he was a very successful and wealthy plastic surgeon and only came back to work for House because it was what he truly wanted to do. Who wrote these scenes? Have they actually seen the show?

Oh, great. More from Detective Cuddy. She asks Sara how she's doing, and Sara's apathetic shrug tells her that she let them give her a sedative. Good times! Sara stays with it enough to ask Cuddy if she has any kids, allowing Cuddy to take off her detective hat and put on her therapist coat. Cuddy takes a seat on Sara's bed and says she adopted a daughter last year. Sara says she adopted Walker after marrying his father and worries that she'll never love him like she loves her daughter. "Does that make me a horrible person?" she asks, sobbing. Not if Walker killed your baby, it doesn't. Cuddy doesn't even respond, just graciously goes to get Sara some tissues from the bathroom. Yeah, judgment tissues. You're a shitty mother tissues. Cuddy glances around the bathroom for a second, then asks Sara if she requested extra towels. Sara's like, "uh ... no? Why is that important? Why haven't you found my baby? This hospital is the worst." Cuddy doesn't answer her, just makes her surprised! face. This is like the second time that Sara asked Cuddy a question and got no answer.

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