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Poor Lee, Doing Poorly

Wilson finds House in the cafeteria and says he knows that House wasn't visiting Foreman's brother after all. And he knows this because he went to the prison and checked all the records, which means he has officially spent way too much time on this. House tries to deflect from the question of what he was really doing in New York by asking Wilson why he cares so much. As if House wouldn't have done the same thing to Wilson if Wilson were hiding something from him. And has. House gets a phone call and turns the ringer off before saying he was going to find out Wilson's "dirty little secret." Apparently, Wilson has gotten over CTB enough to find a new woman to sleep with. Wilson is gobsmacked as to how House could have figured this out. Apparently, he's dating a woman he met at his brother's care facility (or as House calls it, "cuckoo facility"), because Wilson loves dating caregivers. Um, except for CTB. She was a doctor, but I don't know that I'd call her a caregiver. Or that cancer patient, who was too sick to do much care-giving. House asks Wilson who his brother's last caregiver was before he ran away, and Wilson thinks House is saying that he's sort of sleeping with his own mother. But House actually meant Wilson himself. For this, Wilson can gouge his own eyes out. Instead he just covers them with his hands. As well he should, for totally cheating on CTB. I don't care how long she's been dead, her memory must not be disgraced.

Foreman starts to explain the LP procedure to Lee, but he's more concerned with the pressure he's feeling in his chest than the pressure he's about to feel in his back. Since we're in Lee POV and he's curled in a fetal position for the LP, we get to watch as his monitors suddenly flatline. Lee gets to watch it, too. That must have been fun.

Now he's back on the beach with House, and he's decided that God doesn't exist after all because House doesn't know what's wrong with him. House seems to agree with Lee, who asks if he's dead. "Not yet!" House says; "but you're about to be." Oh, fun. Lee just says "okay" as he closes his eyes. Way to give up, Lee.

After the break, Kumar is able to defibrillate Lee back to life. Lee is not especially thrilled about this, since it's been three days and he's no closer to being better than he was before. So he's about to give up. He sees Molly standing outside and says she needs to move on with her life and their kids need to as well. The kids need to not be eating popsicles so often that they're both enjoying them in the photo at Lee's bedside. Childhood obesity is a serious problem in this country these days.

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