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Poor Lee, Doing Poorly

As Lee complains that something itches, we go back to third-person POV. Kumar, Foreman, and House stop arguing with each other about the next course of action when House hears computer beeping as Lee moves the cursor up and down in a desperate plea for attention. Unfortunately, all he can say is "yes" and "no." So when they ask him what's still bothering him, they can only ask yes or no questions. As someone who hates 20 questions, this would not be fun for me at all. When Kumar asks if it's Lee's eye and he says no three times, Kumar figures out that his problem is somewhere lower. Kumar gets a "yes" when he asks about Lee's foot. House asks if it's the left foot. It's not, so that leaves the right. But there are no marks on Lee's right foot, so House wonders if it's not pain that Lee is complaining about, but itching. Lee cursors yes.

House walks with the Cottages and informs them that an itchy foot means liver failure. It does? My feet itch sometimes. This is terrible news! Taub notes that Lee's liver tests didn't show any problems, and House says that's because the liver's already dead. Um ... doesn't that mean that Lee is already dead? And shouldn't he be kind of jaundiced? Or had some kind of symptoms of liver failure prior to the accident? I don't think livers just die immediately and without warning. But whatever, Hadley explains that as the liver started to die, it released toxins into Lee's bloodstream that caused his locked-in syndrome. Now all they need to do is figure out what caused the liver to fail. Foreman comes up with a diagnosis, and House says it's too bad Taub didn't come up with that or he could have gotten his job back. Way to not even give poor Taub a chance to come up with the diagnosis first, Foreman, you jerk.

While Taub explains the liver biopsy procedure to Lee, who has to be pretty nervous about this considering how well his last biopsy went, Kumar asks Hadley where her new bracelet is. Apparently, he knows all about Foreman's gift because he noticed her wearing it when Foreman did not. He's a jerk and an idiot. She says she's not wearing the bracelet now because she likes it so much that she doesn't want anything nasty to happen to it at their gross workplace. Apparently, she got some pee on it when she was putting the catheter in Lee, and Kumar notices that there's now a rash on her arm where the pee touched her. Way to not cover up correctly, Hadley. I mean, Jesus freaking Christ. You're in a hospital treating patients with unknown diseases that could be ridiculously contagious and you're exposing your flesh to their bodily fluids? You're even dumber than Foreman! Foreman assumes Kumar's saying that the rash is because the bracelet isn't real because he is way too defensive over this stupid bracelet, but Kumar is actually thinking that Lee has a peeborne infection that he spread to Hadley when her arm came in contact with his pee. Kumar's most likely suspect? Leptospirosis, which Lee contracted by coming into contact with infected rats in Dave's gross basement when they peed all over his cover letters, which we get to see them do as Kumar explains things. When Lee got a paper cut from the letter, the infection entered his bloodstream. Because Hadley doesn't have any cuts on her arm, it only gave her a gross pee rash. That she didn't even notice. Moron.

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