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Poor Lee, Doing Poorly

Outside, Wilson is annoyed that House spied on his team, and House tells him to choose what he wants to lecture House about: spying, or seeing a psychiatrist. Wilson chooses the latter, but says he isn't going to lecture him at all about therapy. He thinks this is a really good thing. Clearly House thought so, too, which is why he went to another state to get it. Wilson says that if House's attitude about therapy's ineffectiveness hasn't changed, then something else has. Maybe he now thinks he can change. Maybe not. House says he won't be going back. Wilson begs House not to do this because of him, which he should have thought of before he started teasing him. House says he's not going back because it doesn't work. And with that, he erases the number from his phone entirely. It's not like the psychiatrist is going to stop calling him. He or she is the most persistent one ever. As he enters the elevator, we get to see House's first person POV, which is just as blurry as Lee's was. Are they tears? Bad camera work? Glaucoma? Or is the show trying to tell us that House is just as locked-in mentally as Lee was physically? You be the judge. "You'll end up alone," Wilson says. Say, he is a good friend.

The preview for next week tells me that this episode is "beyond words." So I guess I won't be able to recap it. See you in two!

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