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Poor Lee, Doing Poorly

Lee is back in bed when House wakes him up with a late-night visit. Apparently, House has been admitted to the hospital for overnight observation even though he's obviously fine. He's got Lee's MRI results back, and there's a lesion in Lee's central pons. House goes to the effort to show the MRI to Lee and point the lesion out, but Lee can't see anything since he's not a trained doctor. Neither is Dr. Unethical, though, really, so he couldn't see one either. House is sure that cancer and paraneoplastic syndrome are causing Lee's inability to move, but Dr. Unethical thinks it's an infection and has put Lee on antivirals. House is hoping they'll almost kill Lee just enough so that Dr. Unethical will realize that he sucks and House knows all and let House treat Lee as he sees fit. So now Lee has to hope that he has cancer and that he'll almost die from getting the wrong medicine. House tells Lee that he's fascinating only because he presents House with so many questions and can't talk to answer any of them himself. If he could, he wouldn't be interesting anymore. Meanwhile, House's face scrapes from the accident kind of look like herpes when they're near his mouth. Just as we're wondering why House is so intent on staying at Lee's bedside and talking to him, Lee starts almost dying courtesy of those antivirals and probably whatever House did to them to cause this to happen.

When Lee comes back, Molly is in the room and wants to know why her husband just had a seizure. House answers it's because Lee has cancer. Dr. Unethical says Lee's immune system is compromised. Lee doesn't understand why Dr. Unethical thinks he has any right to argue with House at this point. House treats Lee like he's still human and looks him in the eye and welcomes him back to non-seizure land. He says he knew this was going to happen to Lee, and Molly is impressed. House asks Dr. Unethical if it can be his turn now. Molly seems okay with that. Lee is definitely okay with that. House wants to give Lee plasmapheresis. Dr. Unethical totally disagrees, of course. Molly finally goes to Lee to ask what he wants to do. Lee blinks once for yes. Fortunately, he does not get something in his eye and blink a second time meaning no, or he'd be dead by now. With that, Lee gets a free trip to PPTH.

Upon arrival at PPTH, Cuddy's only concern is House and his motorcycle injuries. Do you think this is the show's way of telling Hugh Laurie to stop riding motorcycles because they are dangerous and if he crashes they'll be out several days of shooting or an entire series if it's bad enough? She checks out House's face scrape like a worried mother and Lee is disgusted that the Dean of Medicine isn't paying this kind of attention to the guy who can't freaking move. Well, no one ever guaranteed Lee that PPTH would be a bastion of professionalism. House explains that he was in Middletown buying her a late Victorian corset that he'd be happy to let her try on later. "Is he hitting on her?" Lee wonders. Poor Lee. He thought he was going to PPTH for a cure from a brilliant doctor and he's about to realize that his brilliant doctor is a drug addicted asshole, his fellows are morons, and he's only going to get worse before he possibly gets better. As they wheel Lee away from Cuddy, Lee decides that if Cuddy looks up from her paperwork to watch House leave, she's just as into him as he is into her. Which she does. Not like it matters anymore.

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