Love Hurts

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Hurts So Good

And so it was, in some really hot surgery footage.

House enters Jawless Harvey's room, where he immediately figures out that the attending nurse is actually Annette in disguise. I think her helpful and kind nature gave her away as a fraud. House says that Annette can stay, because House needs to talk to both of them. Harvey has to stop the strangling, or he'll die. Annette says it's not about pain, but about being "completely open" and "vulnerable" to another person. That kind of trust changes a person, Annette claims. And I would agree that having your jawbone removed is, indeed, a change. House tells Annette to lock Harvey in a cage from now on, then. He turns to leave, and Harvey asks him if his parents stopped by to see him when they were here. Harvey just loves to expose himself to all kinds of pain, it seems. I think we can take House's non-answer as a "no."

Music montage! House listens to a record in his office and studies a photograph. We don't get to see it very well, but it looks like a happy couple. I'm betting it's not a souvenir from House and Cameron's date.

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