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The Colonel stands by while House gets his prescription filled at the pharmacy. The pharmacist tries not to pass out from shock when House doesn't ask for Vicodin, but instead for any blue pill he has that isn't Viagra.

And then Cuddy comes around the corner to discuss the latest hospital gossip she heard. Apparently, House and Cameron are going on a date. "It's purely business," House says. And right here, I was expecting the pharmacist to give House a bottle full of blue pills that would indicate that his previous statement was a lie, but no. Cuddy says that she thinks House's date will be a good thing, because she apparently likes opening the hospital up to possible sexual harassment lawsuits and all the other complications that are bound to arise when a boss dates his employee. She tells House that he shouldn't wall himself off from the dating scene just because of "what happened" during his last relationship five years ago. "If only I was [sic] as open as you," House says. Cuddy falls right into this trap and starts to tell House about some support group he can join or something, but then House adds that he was talking about her shirt. Cuddy just smiles hugely and says that Cameron might be the only woman on this planet who can tolerate House. "Wear the sky blue shirt. It almost makes you look nice," she advises. If House has to date someone on this show, why can't it be Cuddy? They're great together.

Chase checks on Harvey, who complains that Annette isn't allowed to enter the hospital. Chase tells him that Annette is lucky she wasn't arrested, and asks Harvey to squeeze his hands. Harvey's right side isn't working too well.

Chase tells House and the Cottages that the blood thinners aren't working, and that Harvey is now having mini-strokes. House says that they'll have to take him off the blood thinners, then, and get him ready for the aneurysm surgery. "You could not have been wronger," he tells Foreman, who just laughs and points out that he wanted to go with Chase's idea. House ignores this and tells Chase and Foreman to get things ready for Harvey's surgery. They're off, leaving House and Cameron together. House expresses his annoyance at Cameron's inability to keep a secret, and she says she didn't see "any reason" to keep quiet. Apparently, the appearance of impropriety no longer counts as a reason. Cameron asks House where he's planning on taking her on their date tomorrow so that she can dress appropriately. Should she wear her fancy bustier-vest with the lacy frills, or her more casual one? House says they're going to a paintball tournament. Cameron says that doesn't count as a date, even though she was all about going to the monster truck jam and should have seen this coming. Plus, a paintball tournament sounds like a lot of fun. House admits that he actually made a reservation at Café Italianfood and suggests spandex as a wardrobe option, which is hilarious, although I'm not quite sure why. Cameron giggles because she knows she can fashion some old bicycle shorts into a nice fitted bustier-vest and might even have time to add a few sequins for a touch of kicky fun!

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