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Chase tells Harvey about the surgery, blaming his current health problems on those multiple strangulations. Harvey starts to whine that his parents were right about him being a loser, and says he needs to talk to Annette. She won't answer his calls, and he starts to cry like a baby. Chase looks around to make sure no one's watching, and walks to the side of Harvey's bed. He makes an adorable stern face and orders Harvey to sign the consent form. It doesn't work.

In the meeting room, Cameron suggests giving Harvey antidepressants, but Chase says he's been sneaking them into Harvey's applesauce and they haven't started working yet. Nor will they for a couple weeks, and even then, they're only supposed to work if there's a chemical imbalance for them to fix. Cameron needs to stop letting those Zoloft commercials with the sad rock form her medical opinions. House's idea is to have someone order Harvey to sign the consent form, so Chase has to admit that he already tried it and it failed. House takes a second to push the thirty million sarcastic responses that just entered his brain back out of it, and says they'll have to get Annette back in the hospital. This task shall be given to Chase, as House says that if he gets caught, he'll have the fun of experiencing Cuddy's punishment hairbrush.

Foreman and Chase sneak Annette in. Harvey's happy to see her, but Annette is all business. She throws her coat down and tells Harvey that he has been bad and he needs to sign the form. But Harvey just laughs at her and calls her names. Foreman asks Chase, the expert, if this is part of "their deal" or something else. Annette says it's something else. Harvey starts screaming and tries to hit Annette, who leaps back. Chase and Foreman restrain Harvey until he has a stroke and crashes.

The lawyer is back in Cuddy's office (although it's more likely that he never left), and accusing House of now being responsible for two of Harvey's strokes. He isn't particularly eager to let them whisk Harvey into surgery, since he expressly said he did not want it before he went into a coma. House says that they'll just get a court order, then, and the lawyer says that will require an affidavit from Harvey's next of kin. Whoops! There is none. The lawyer says they'll need to prove that with a death certificate or a published obituary.

House and the Cottages are having trouble finding Harvey's parents' death certificates. House points out how odd it is that Harvey lives in a bad part of town after having gotten an inheritance from his two accountant parents. "Maybe they were bad accountants," Cameron says, since she knows all about highly-trained professionals who aren't very good at their jobs. House doubts that two people "from the Pacific Rim" could be bad at their jobs, and he really needs to stop with the Asian stereotyping. Even if it's positive, it's still racism. Chase catches onto House's point quickly and says that Harvey's parents could be alive and just cut him off when they found out about his love of strangulation. House orders Chase and Cameron to Harvey's apartment to try to find his parents' address, leaving Foreman to follow him into his office.

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