Love Is Blind

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Adams and Chase run more tests. She's outraged that Will wants to keep Melissa around until he's out of the hospital. Chase says that the break was Melissa's idea. Anyway, there's something on the brain scan.

House comes in to look at the dark spot. Chase says it might be related to the blindness. House announces that it's a clot. Park is back in his office being soothed by Wilson. Adams reluctantly proposes Lupus. House counters with Beh├žet's. Taub realizes that all the normal symptoms involve eyesight problems.

Wilson fends off a tripping Park with a chair. Blythe and Bell (Thomas Bell) enter and he talks her down, assuring her that her teeth have been returned by the rabbit who stole them. Blythe gets her something to drink. I'll just assume it's orange juice. House comes in and Wilson leaves.

Will: "Give it to me straight, doc. Am I ever gonna see again?" Very funny. Adams is here to bandage up his eyes, which he thinks is a waste of time. He can tell from Adams's breathing that she's mad. He assures her he'll tell Melissa later. He bought the ring for Melissa, but then she wanted to go on a break. So that changed things. He's mad that she told him to date someone else before she'd marry him. It's like Dana's Dating Plan in here. About the new girl, he says that it's the first time he has someone who needs him instead of the other way around.

Blythe tucks in a sleepy Park. House wants to know how she knows about bad trips. In the next room, Bell and Wilson are looking at a photo album. Bell offers House a handshake. House no-sells it, so Bell gives him a hug instead, claiming that they're "practically family now." Wilson says he invited them out for dinner.

Melissa offers Will a drink through a straw, and then tells him that on the break, she didn't see anyone else because she just loves him so much. Then he starts coughing up a lot of blood.

Melissa asks Taub if he'll be okay. Taub doesn't know yet! Will insists on telling Melissa something very important. The team gathers outside the room and Park describes some of her hallucinations: everyone tried to kiss her! There are various suggestions, and then Melissa walks past them near tears. Taub says she's young and hot, so she'll be fine. Park says she put on 82 pounds in that situation. "People called me Park. Ing. Lot."

House has brought Dominika to meet his mother and the man she's sleeping with. Wilson is uncomfortable.

Adams pontificates on how she sees people with disabilities all the time. Well, sure. She works at a hospital. That's going to happen. Chase thinks she's writing a Facebook post. The scene is interrupted by the MRI machine not malfunctioning at all. It just shows that the clot is there in his lung.

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