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Hadley Does Badly

Hadley hangs out at Spencer's bedside. They hold hands, lie next to each other, kiss, and have a great time dying.

After the break, House watches from the hallway as Hadley tends to Spencer. They seem happy, so he knocks on the glass with his cane to interrupt. Hadley comes outside and House tells her that Spencer will need a bone marrow transplant. They still don't know what's wrong with her, but they've got a donor match, so why not? House figures that whatever's wrong with Spencer, it will inevitably require a bone marrow transplant anyway. Hadley says that's a moot point since the irradiation of Spencer's existing marrow will kill her. House has a solution to that problem: they won't do the irradiation. Most of Spencer's bone marrow is wiped out anyway, he says. Hadley points out that there's still enough in there to fight with the marrow transplant, which will also kill Spencer. Yeah, I have to agree with Hadley here. This sounds like a terrible plan, and possibly unnecessary to boot since they really don't know if whatever Spencer has will require a marrow transplant. But Hadley doesn't have any better ideas, so she gets the job of getting Spencer's consent to basically die in horrible pain.

Lucas is pulling a House and tossing the giant tennis ball against the wall while sitting in House's office chair. He's going too far with that. Don't start annoying me, Lucas. House walks in, and Lucas dumps a garbage bag on his desk for House's perusal. Inside he finds syringes. "He's using," Lucas the Great Detective reports. Oddly, House smiles. Perhaps he's happy to have some druggie company.

He heads for Wilson's office with the trash bag and congratulates him on a prank well pulled. "Genius!" he pronounces. Wilson, on the other hand, is frustrated to be found out, saying he knew faking a drug addiction by planting needles in his trash was too much. That's right -- he's not doing drugs and he's not dating a prostitute. He does, however, know House well enough to know that once he gets suspicious of something, he will not stop until his curiosity has been satisfied, so he arranged to have a prostitute stop by when he knew House would be spying on him. She made an easy thirty dollars and probably left Wilson's apartment with more questions than answers. I wonder if they played video games together or just stood there in living room staring at each other awkwardly for a half hour. Wilson says he's actually a bit insulted that House bought the hooker girlfriend over the drug addiction. House says he can't believe Wilson used his dead girlfriend's name to throw House off the track, and says Wilson is his hero for this. Yes, well, I don't like it but I'm happy that Wilson isn't completely dishonoring CTB's memory by dating a lawyer hooker. As for House, his only question now is if Wilson still has the hooker's phone number, since she was hot and quite the bargain at only thirty dollars. Wilson is sorry to report that he killed her and buried her in his basement. They decide to go out for a bite to eat instead. Then House asks Wilson where he really was the other morning, now that he knows he wasn't with a hooker or doing drugs. An exasperated Wilson doesn't want to say, other than to promise House that it has nothing to do with him and their friendship changing in any way, and that House should trust that. Yeah, right. Wilson realizes that if he hasn't changed and his and House's relationship hasn't changed, then House hasn't changed either, and realizes he'll just keep following him until he gets the answer. He tells House to be outside his apartment at eight tonight.

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