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Hadley Does Badly

Foreman walks in on Hadley, slowly putting everything back in her locker. She's running her hand through her hair despondently, so Foreman asks what's up. "I feel alone," she says; "and she hasn't gone anywhere." Yes, just as House predicted, it was the terminal diagnosis that attracted Hadley to Spencer and not Spencer herself. And now that we know that, I don't see the problem at all. Instead of hitting the clubs, Hadley should head on over to the hospice and meet her girlfriends there. It's probably cheaper. I also find it really annoying that with this non-revelation, Hadley has completed her transformation into Cameron Part 2. She does drugs and has sex when confronted with her mortality, just like Cameron. She was fired for half an episode, while Cameron quit PPTH in the first season. And she's only attracted to dying people, just like Cameron, who essentially married terminal cancer. If they wanted to have a Cameron on House's team so badly, why didn't they just keep the one they had?

Wilson is finally on his mystery appointment. He's at a baby store, where Cuddy is waiting for him next to a crib. "What do you think?" she asks. He'd better like it, since it appears to be the only crib this place sells. Also, what kind of baby store is open after eight o'clock? Weird. And in walks House, wearing sunglasses to look inconspicuous. At night. In a baby store. That struck me as hilarious. Cuddy is not pleased to see House, and Wilson tries to lie that House must have followed him without his knowledge. Cuddy isn't buying it. House doesn't understand why Cuddy is buying a crib since she isn't pregnant. He asks if she's going for a Field of Dreams type of thing, where if you build it, they will come. Don't be ridiculous, House. Then Cuddy would have a whole bunch of ghost babies, and no one wants those. "I'm adopting a baby!" she says. Wilson explains that he was late the other morning to provide a character reference for her. Wow, I can't imagine why she didn't ask House to do that. Cuddy says she kept it a secret in case she didn't get approved. Today, though, she did! Hmm ... I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand, I don't think I want Cuddy to have a baby. On the other, I do want her to have a storyline. And the hilarious possibilities of House having to baby-sit are endless, although if Cuddy actually trusts House to baby-sit then she should have her adoption approval rescinded immediately. As for House, he looks shocked and absolutely broken-hearted by the news. He doesn't even make a quip about how forward-thinking the adoption committee was to allow a transsexual to adopt. Cuddy has to ask him to congratulate her. He doesn't. "If you're happy, I'm ... " he says for the second time this episode, and then he's gone. My guess is he was so happy to have everything back to normal with Wilson, only for everything to change again with Cuddy adopting a baby. House hates change. And babies.

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