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Hadley Does Badly

Cameron's waiting right outside the door for House, and she shoves Spencer's file into his hands. He immediately notices that Spencer had Ecstasy in her system, but Cameron doesn't think it caused the seizure since she took it five hours before, according to Hadley. House stops in his tracks as Cameron says Hadley was with the patient last night, trying to fake like that's not a huge bombshell. House suddenly becomes much more interested in this case.

In the meeting room, House takes his time savoring every minute of this differential. He accuses Hadley of reacting to her Huntington's diagnosis by engaging in self-destructive behavior and one night stands while Taub grins. Very professional, boys. Hadley ignores House and diagnoses the patient with dehydration from alcohol and Ecstasy, which gets Kumar's attention, since he didn't bother to read about all the fun party drugs in the file. Foreman asks Hadley if she was doing drugs, too. "Not diagnostically relevant," Hadley says. Foreman is concerned. Taub mentions Spencer's eye hemorrhage thing two years ago, which Hadley is quick to dismiss as irrelevant to the current case. Foreman says if the eye problem was caused by something wrong with Spencer's blood, it would explain her fatigue. "She parties 'til 3 a.m. That's why she's always tired," Hadley says dismissively. "Yet you seem fine," House points out. Seriously, though. How does she do that? And isn't she supposed to be at work, like, all the time? And shouldn't she be feeling crappy after a night of drug use? Doesn't Ecstasy last eight hours and then make you all dehydrated and lock jawed the next day? I know it made the people I knew who took it really, really annoying at the very least. Hadley gets to do drugs and stay out all night and she seems totally fine, while if I get less than six hours of sleep, I cannot function. It's really not fair.

Hadley says Spencer has been to four doctors, all of whom found nothing wrong with her. That happens to all of House's patients, and they always end up having something really wrong with them, so it's not a good argument. Hadley thinks Spencer is just a hypochondriac who drinks too much. Kumar totally ignores her and says blood clots could explain the symptoms. Taub agrees, and shoots Hadley a sarcastic "sorry!" Shut up, Taub. Don't you get all holier-than-thou about this. At least when Hadley has sex she isn't violating any sacred vows. House orders Hadley to take some of Spencer's bone marrow for testing, even though I'm pretty sure there are all kinds of rules saying that you aren't allowed to treat someone you have a personal relationship with. Especially one like this. Hadley gets up to leave, only to see that House has taken an unusual interest in watching this particular procedure. It's about time he observed the crap work his new Cottages are doing, though.

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