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Hadley Does Badly

Down in the bone marrow biopsy room of awkward morning afters, Hadley tells House she can "handle" this without his supervision as she prepares Spencer's hip for some pain (again). House says he needs to be here to chaperone, although if they want to get busy, he won't stop them. Hadley tells Spencer to excuse House, who mistakes "immaturity for edginess." Don't we all? That is, when we aren't mistaking immaturity for boyfriend material. But there I go again, talking about myself. Spencer's reaction is surprising: she recognizes House's name. House is hoping that's because his name came up during the sex last night, and then proceeds to ask Spencer some "valid medical questions" about the activities she and Hadley were engaged in before she had her seizure. Hadley all but begs Spencer not to answer them, but she does, freely and without hesitation, including how good Hadley was in bed on a scale of one to ten. Hadley stabs Spencer's hip and asks her not to answer, but Spencer gives Hadley a seven, much to Hadley's horror and House's happiness, since that was his prediction. Meanwhile, why is he being filmed from behind a shelf with stuff on it? It's distracting to see all these blurry things in the forefront of the frame and then a small House standing just in between them.

House has had enough of Hadley's personal life and is moving onto Wilson's. He meets with Lucas in the hospital cafeteria to request that he find out what Wilson's up to. He knows Wilson's breakfast meeting excuse was a lie, since Wilson would have eaten tons of food at that particular diner and thus would have been too full for that doughnut. That's awfully flimsy evidence, and operates on the erroneous assumption that you can be too full for a doughnut. Lucas thinks House is worried that after four months, his friendship with Wilson has changed, pointing out that Wilson hasn't even tried to get back at House for the practical joke. It's only been a few hours. Give the man some time. "Things always change," House says. That's a position he seems to go back and forth on. I've seen episodes where he's said that no one and nothing ever changes. Lucas agrees with House that change "sucks." "Yeah," House says sadly.

Hadley's done some investigative work of her own, digging through House's letters to find several of them from Spencer, begging for an appointment with the great doctor. She had her suspicions when Spencer knew who House was and seemed to "enjoy" his prying questions. Spencer doesn't deny anything. She says she's sick and hasn't been able to get House's attention or even a letter in response (I guess Cameron finally gave up on that). "You used me," Hadley says. "You used me!" Spencer says. Hadley thinks she's got one up on Spencer, though, since her motives where "clear." I doubt that, but it's probably what Hadley believes. Spencer says she would've told Hadley the truth if Hadley had ever given her a chance to speak, pointing out that Hadley didn't even ask for her name. Hadley asks if she faked the seizure, but Spencer says she'd never fake a symptom as it would only make her illness harder to diagnose. The seizure was just great timing. Hadley doesn't care if it was real or fake anyway; the bone marrow biopsy was negative, so Hadley is discharging Spencer without bothering to perform any follow-up tests. Um ... I'm pretty sure that just because you've ruled one thing out doesn't necessarily mean that the patient is fine. Spencer claims that she's tired all the time -- she can fall asleep at ten and wake up at noon and she still feels exhausted. Okay, see a sleep doctor. There are many of them around, and most you don't even have to have sex with to get an appointment. Hadley just rolls her eyes, so confident that Spencer is just fine. Spencer starts gasping for air, and Hadley thinks she's just playing until her monitors start beeping. "Damn," Hadley says. Somehow, I don't think that "damn" was Hadley being angry at herself for rushing to judgment and nearly discharging a patient who is very clearly ill. It should be, though.

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