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Hadley Does Badly

And then she's telling House that the tests are back and Spencer has low potassium, which caused the numbness in her hip. I think that means Spencer needs to eat more bananas, but House says that indicates a kidney problem, which he thinks is what caused her heart problem as well. Hadley suggests something with a really long name that's going to be wrong anyway, and House tells her to do a CT scan on Spencer's kidneys to look for calcifications that would confirm the diagnosis.

House has better things to do than spend time with the CT Scanner. He's hanging out in Lucas's beat up Volvo station wagon as they spy on Wilson. House stupidly forgot to bring his binoculars, so only Lucas is able to look into Wilson's apartment via an open window. Wilson is currently playing a "car-jacking videogame," he says. I'm guessing that means Grand Theft Auto. Unfortunately, Wilson isn't doing very well at it because he insists on stopping at every red light, which struck me as hilarious. And then a tall, leggy blonde wearing a very short skirt walks up to the building. House immediately knows she's a prostitute and says she must be there for one of the building's other inhabitants. He's wrong -- Wilson gets up from his videogame and lets her in. Just because she's attractive and scantily clad doesn't mean she's a prostitute. Unless House recognizes her from past services rendered, I don't know how he can jump to that conclusion.

The CT scan came up with calcifications, so Chase has been called in to surgically remove them. Foreman and Hadley observe from the OR balcony, which gives them a chance to talk and get to know each other. It turns out that Foreman found the thing that Hadley was afraid House would find in her apartment, and he took the liberty of invading her privacy himself. He hands her a slip of paper, telling us it's some test results (I believe he called it a CAG test, which tests the presence of the C, A, and G bases in DNA. People with Huntington's have more of them than people without. I know this because I've searched the Huntington's websites high and low looking for a way it can kill Hadley immediately and without symptoms) that indicate that Hadley's Huntington's is progressing more quickly than she first thought. Hooray! Foreman tells her it's okay to be upset at this news, but she doesn't have to self-destruct by having sex with (gasp!) women. Because no one has a homosexual encounter unless she's in self-destruct mode. Shut up, Foreman. Hadley says she doesn't need Foreman to protect her from House if he's just going to turn around and judge her himself. I kind of agree with her. What does Foreman know about living with a terminal illness like Huntington's? It's not like he's spent much time observing the effect a grim diagnosis like that has had on his Alzheimer's-ridden mother who he refuses to see. Foreman just says that Hadley should be doing things like working out and improving her balance and coordination. "Sounds like a blast," Hadley says blankly. She says she's having much more fun doing drugs and having sex. And then she leaves to do just that. To be fair, the sex probably burns a lot of calories and does wonders for Hadley's coordination.

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