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Hadley Does Badly

Meanwhile, down in surgery, Spencer's oxygen stats suddenly drop and she needs to be intubated.

Back in the meeting room, there's a fresh chest X-ray of Spencer and the need for a new diagnosis, since Spencer's breathing problems began after those kidney calcifications were removed, so they can't be the problem. House just wants to know where Hadley is. Foreman tries to cover for her, saying traffic is bad. House doesn't believe it at all and I want to know why Foreman's suddenly appointed himself the Hadley Whisperer. I wish he'd stop. Kumar gets down to business, saying that since Spencer's lungs look fine on the X-ray but aren't working, there must be something wrong with her airway. To prove it, they have to make the airway close again by sticking Spencer on a treadmill, which I'm sure her fresh post-surgery incisions will love.

Hey, did you guys know that the Clinic still existed? I thought for sure that they'd torn down the Clinic set, but there's still at least one exam room left, and Hadley's using it to pump herself full of IV fluids, presumably to recover from a night out. So THAT'S how she does it! Well, fuck this. I'm going to stop sleeping and just pump myself full of magic fluids to get through the day. I'll get so much more done! Oh, but it looks like Hadley's free ride is over, as Cuddy lets herself into the locked room (thanks to Cuddy's Trouble Alert, she always knows when someone's up to no good in her hospital. Of course, that doesn't mean she then knows how to deal with the offender) and Hadley makes a blank "oh shit I'm busted" face.

Meanwhile, Foreman thinks he's busted House since he talked to his brother and found out that he got a phone call from a private investigator the other week. Looks like House did try to dig up some dirt on Foreman after all. Now Foreman wants to know why House taunted everyone else with the stuff he found out about them (like Kumar and his super-scandalous crawling record. Give me a break) but stayed silent on Foreman. House says there was nothing on Foreman to find out. "You haven't done anything stupid, spontaneous, or even vaguely interesting since you were seventeen," House says; "and that's just sad." This bothers Foreman way more than it really should.

House reports to Cuddy's office, where he finds a shamed Hadley sitting in front of Cuddy's desk. House claims that Hadley looks "terrible" after her night of partying and insufficient fluid-receiving. Whatever! She looks the same as she usually does except that she's wearing the standard self-destruction-live-it-up-druggie black outfit. Since she was out doing -- I'm guessing -- Ecstasy and not meth, however, she will not be wearing the all-black beatnik ensemble that Cameron wore when she went on her own personal brush-with-terminal-illness-means-drugs-and-sex bender. Which is a shame, since that beret was hilarious. Cuddy says that Hadley has a "fresh night club stamp" on her wrist, so she wants her to take a drug test. I'm not sure if she meant fresh as in "that night club is fresh and funky" or as in "that night club stamp is recent." I do find it hilarious that Cuddy thinks night clubs = drug use. She must be channeling her Goodwife Cuddy Puritan personality today. House can't be bothered to deal with any of this, so he says he's not going to let his fellow be punished for something she did in her free time, and he doesn't appreciate Cuddy dictating how his fellows should behave. He leaves the office with Hadley behind him. Cuddy just stands there and watches her authority be undermined once again.

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