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Hadley Does Badly

House and Hadley leave the Clinic, and House tells a grateful Hadley that the surgery she skipped out on to go clubbing didn't go well and she missed a differential. "You're fired," House says. OH!!! WHAT!!! YES!!! Hadley can't believe it. "What?" she gasps. What indeed. You mean leaving work without your boss's permission when your patient is dying, missing a crucial work meeting, and coming back to steal the hospital's IV fluids is bad? "You just defended me," she says. House says he only stopped her from taking a drug test that would have cost her her career. He doesn't think PPTH has room for two doctors with drug problems. Especially when they only have, like six doctors to begin with. With that, he dry-swallows some Vicodin just to rub it in. Hadley denies having a drug habit, but House just goes with this metaphor: "a slutty party girl is fun 'til she pukes on your shoes. Then she's just a pain in the ass." Ha! Eat it, Hadley. Go away and never come back!

House heads over to the next slutty party girl and enters Wilson's office. He helps himself to a seat on Wilson's couch and takes a second to be happy that it (and, presumably, its owner) is at PPTH once again. And then he's needling Wilson for information, trying to find out what he already knows. Wilson takes the bait and admits that he's dating someone new. How dare he! And after all CTB did for him! Cameron cared more about her PoorDeadHusband than Wilson did for CTB, and her love was fake and childish. I am ashamed of him. House asks what Wilson's new lady friend does for a living, and Wilson reluctantly admits that she's a prostitute. An ex-prostitute. Who is now trying to go to law school. And is a single mother. Apparently Wilson is dating the plotline of every single Julia Roberts movie. Wilson says he's helping her with tuition. House asks how long Wilson has known her. Wilson gets all huffy that House is being judgmental about him dating a prostitute when House himself is a drug addict who pays for sex. Then he admits that he called the prostitute because he was hurt and wanted to feel better, and they fell in love. "Amber said that she wanted me to move on," Wilson says. Uh, yeah, but I don't think she meant only four months after her death and with a prostitute. "She wanted me to be happy. And Debbie makes me happy." Debbie? What kind of a prostitute name is that? Pathetic. "If you're happy, I'm ... " says House, trailing off and leaving the room as fast as his bad leg will carry him.

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