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Hadley Does Badly

Foreman finds Hadley in the Radiology department pouring over Spencer's X-rays. She says she's looking for her ticket back into employment. Should a non-employee of PPTH be allowed access to confidential patient information and restricted areas of the hospital? Isn't security supposed to escort the fired ex-employee off the grounds? Or do they just stand there with their mouths open like Cuddy? Ridiculous. Foreman apologizes if what he said to Hadley in the OR balcony upset her enough to force her go on that clubbing spree. Since when did Foreman apologize? Oh well. At least he has lines. He tells Hadley she's acting like an idiot after getting her up to speed on Spencer's case. He just shared confidential information with a non-employee, so who's the idiot now? Hadley just says "I know" and points out that the X-ray of Spencer's lung looks dark. Foreman thinks it's just overexposed, even though that's never, ever the case. Remember last week, when they thought the ultrasound was grainy and it was actually iron particles? These people never learn. Hadley thinks they could be looking at lung cysts, which wouldn't show up on an X-ray, oh-so-conveniently. If Spencer does have cysts in her lung, the treadmill test she's doing right now will cause her lungs to "explode," as Hadley puts it. That sounds like it could be exciting.

What the hell? We missed it. We join Kumar and Taub bent over Spencer, who's lying on the ground not breathing. I don't see any evidence of explosions, however. Kumar says Spencer isn't breathing, but it's not because her airway collapsed like they intended. With that, Hadley comes running into the room, all energized thanks to the latent effects of her club drugs and those IV fluids. She says Spencer has cysts in her lungs, which have now collapsed. Um, what? Collapsed is much different than exploded. Way to build up expectations, Hadley. This is why your sex partners give you sevens. Though Taub protests that he's getting breath sounds, Hadley orders them to move out of the way so she can stab Spencer's chest and reinflate her lungs. By the way, since Hadley doesn't work at PPTH anymore, I believe what she just did is technically attempted murder. It does get Spencer breathing again, and she coughs without even covering her mouth. That's rude.

After the break, Kumar tells House that a CT scan of Spencer's lungs revealed multiple lung cysts. One of them burst (not exactly exploded, is it?), causing her lung to collapse. Foreman makes sure to give Hadley credit for figuring out what was wrong with Spencer in time to save her life. Hm. Well, she didn't figure out what was wrong in time to save that other guy's life, so I guess this at least makes her even. Good. She can leave PPTH on a high note. Hadley starts diagnosing away, but House cuts her off to say his real employees can take things from here. Hadley can't believe that getting one right answer doesn't automatically give her her job back, and protests that she just showed House that she can indeed pull her weight even while staying out all night partying. Annoyingly, Foreman sticks up for her, telling House to give her another shot. Would he care this much if Hadley didn't have Huntington's? Or boobs? Even Taub steps up to urge House to re-employ Hadley, but that's probably only because he knows that all her extra baggage will distract House from making fun of his. Kumar doesn't say anything, as usual. House won't be moved. He sends his employees off to do a lung biopsy. Hadley stays behind. "How much clearer do I need to make this?" House asks. She finally gets the hint. Hooray! We'll never see her again! Don't let the glass door hit ya where the good lord split ya, Hadley! And stop being so shocked that missing work to do drugs got you fired.

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