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A Marriage Based on Honesty

Chase, Adams, Taub and Park walk through the halls talking about the position. They all want it now. Taub thinks they should stop fighting, but I notice he's not pulling his name out of contention.

Taub tells Joe they'll be looking for proteins in his spinal fluid and also running an MRI. Joe says he's feeling weird about the testosterone. What if his big spiritual change was just chemistry? Adams says to think of the assault as a catalyst, which seems like even more chemistry to me.

Chase wants Foreman to tell House to drop the team leader idea. But Foreman thinks it's a good idea. Now Chase just wants it to not be Adams. Or Park. Or Taub. Foreman points out that Chase is angling for a job that he mocked back when it was Foreman's. He is not interested in his problems.

House and Dominika rearrange his apartment and put pictures of famous Ukrainians on the wall. She dances about. It is weird. Park arrives and objects to the Amy Grant. She's here to make them study. She brought a protractor on the grounds that, "You never know when you might need to make a pie chart." She is going to be a harsh taskmaster. But she brought Red Bull! I'm going to be perfectly honest here: I would be totally into the idea of a woman coming around to my house to make me study. No, you shut up!

Taub and Adams talk about testosterone's effects on behavior. They also occasionally glance at the tests they're supposed to be running on Joe. His brain stem and spinal cord are clean. He doesn't have MS. But when he goes to scratch his nose, he reports that he's seeing double.

The wacky subplot continues as Park makes House and Dominika pose in front of a green screen so she can make a phony honeymoon picture. Chase rolls in a television with Xbox. Adams mocks this as being obvious, and Park points out Adams's cleavage. Park suggests that she just go ahead and blow him. Taub proposes myesthenia gravis. There are no objections. House accuses Taub of letting everyone else look dumb. House and Dominika have big stupid Elvis wigs for a Memphis picture.

Taub talks to House privately and tells him that he should let the team be friends instead of trying to rip them apart. House says Taub is no longer a man because...he's...raising children? I don't get that argument. Taub claims it's helped him grow up.

Joe says he's feeling pretty good as long as he keeps his eyes clothes. Actually, he's feel really, really good. Marlene has brought him a burger. Joe is staring at her ass. She seems pleased by this and is willing to get within groping range. Joe wants to get in business with a company that does DVDs.

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