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A Marriage Based on Honesty

House interrupts Taub, who's watching an old video of Joe, back when he was a professional jerk. House says that the symptom is "pantywaist." Taub is sad that Adams was the only one who was willing to run the test for celiac. He points out that Joe's voiceis deeper in the old videos. House mocks it, and then mocks Taub for buckling too early.

House and Taub enter Joe's room so House can announce that chronic hoarseness is a symptom of chronic thyroiditis. Joe's not hoarse now, but he was three years ago. And chronic thyroiditis comes and goes. It is itself a symptom of polyglandular autoimmune syndrome type 3. House removes the tubes from Joe and tells him about all the things this disease was doing inside him. Taub takes a moment to point out that it was, in fact, trying to cause celiac. Anyway, they're going to treat the various conditions with steroids. About the steroids, House says, "Kicked in the nuts is kicked in the nuts." I don't know what that means. I mean, it sounds right, but I don't think it explains anything.

House announces a game he's going to make his minions do. Eventually, he has them suture something quickly.

Joe asks Taub if he has to take the testosterone. He admits that he feels great when he takes it, but he doesn't want to ruin his marriage and career. Taub lists dangers like depression and osteoporosis. Joe's willing to take that risk. "I'm a better man without it."

Amy Grant plays as the minions do various medical things. Taub isn't in there with them so House can praise him for not entering. "Never in, never lose." Taub says he'll split the 50 a week with House. House takes the deal. Amy Grant sings, "I'm simple, but I'm no fool."

House gets home to see that it has been decorated. Dominika is still there, and she's dancing around. He eventually calls out, "Honey, I'm home." He's probably pleased. He's not showing it, but I think we can assume.

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