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prinkler back when she was on her college cycling team. That was ten years ago, so Margaret didn't think it had anything to do with her current stomach problems and thus didn't mention it. Again, why is she at PPTH for "stomach problems?" She isn't barfing non-stop or anything like that. She doesn't even look like she's in pain. Chase says they'll need to look at Margaret's medical records to see if that stuff in her hepatic artery is fibrosis or just scar tissue from the surgery. She tells them which hospital they can find them in.

Later on in House's bedroom, Cuddy puts some clothes back on. Wow, we are seeing a lot of Lisa Edelstein these days. And yet, we see so very little of Chase. "Come back. Just one more time. You love it," House says. "My wrists are tired," Cuddy says. Oh, but House is just talking about videogames! I'll bet you thought it was something else, but I was not fooled, due to House saying "one more time," thus indicating that he'd be able to perform more than once (he's a forty-something man. Come on now), as well as "you love it," thus indicating that the activity was something Cuddy would find as enjoyable as he did. Also, we get a glimpse of the videogame they're playing (on House's flat screen, which is precariously stacked on a bunch of books at the foot of his bed), and it's totally the game from an episode last season. Nice continuity, although I thought that game was supposed to played in, like, a virtual reality environment? But House is just playing it on an Xbox. Or maybe that's a Playstation? I stopped keeping track of what the controllers looked like after the N64. Anyway, Cuddy says she has to go now, because the babysitter is due to leave. Wow, so Cuddy hires a babysitter every night and then goes to House's place for a few hours? That's, like, expensive and neglectful. Not that parents shouldn't leave their kids with babysitters ever, but Cuddy is gone all day AND all night. When does Rachel ever see her? House sees what time it is and agrees that Cuddy needs to go, or "scram," as he so kindly puts it, as his massage therapist is coming in five minutes. What time is it supposed to be? Is it a weekend? Why is it light outside but they're supposedly hooking up after work for hours, so it should be nighttime? And what massage therapist comes to your house at night? Cuddy goes to give House a tender kiss good-bye, but he's too distracted with his videogame to respond. Why does Cuddy put up with this? He is the worst boyfriend ever. So many questions. And then Cuddy opens his front door to find House's "massage therapist," whose uniform is the slutty Halloween costume version of a massage therapist. She is carrying a massage table, though, so I guess she's legit.

Back at PPTH, Dr. Kelly informs Foreman that she couldn't find any records for Margaret at the hospital where she claimed she had her surgery. Also, there are no records of her attending that college with the cycling team. Nor are there any records for her in any area hospitals, and also, her social security number has no credit history until the past three years. It also says she was born in 1945. Whoever their patient is, Margaret is a stolen identity. Also, PPTH's mystery guest is currently having a heart crisis and will need a pacemaker.

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